uDroppy Review: why is this tool good for dropshipping?

uDroppy Review: why is this tool good for dropshipping?

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If you’re an entrepreneur, you may be considering dropshipping.

Dropshipping is a business strategy that eliminates the need to have a physical store, inventory, or tangible products on-hand.

how dropshipping works

Customers order through you, you get the money, and you have the order fulfilled by a third party.

The third-party, usually a supplier or manufacturer, takes care of maintaining stock and delivering to your customers.

If you’re a complete newbie, you may be overwhelmed and don’t know where to start.

If you’re an experienced businessperson, you may be looking for a more convenient way to manage your business.

This is where uDroppy comes in.

uDroppy Shopify is an eCommerce solution with the motto “marketing on you, the rest on us.”

In this uDroppy review, I’ll discuss what uDroppy is, its pricing, and the four pillars of its services:

  • Services for Dropshipping
  • Services for Brand Owners
  • Services for Advertisers
  • Services for Buyers

In this way, you’ll learn all of uDroppy’s features which will benefit you, and find out if this is the tool which fits your needs to grow your business. After reading this, you will no longer need to read other uDroppy reviews.

What is uDroppy?

uDroppy is a support system platform designed to make things easier for you.

When you run an eCommerce store, there are a lot of matters to take care of, such as but not limited to, sourcing, fulfilling, and shipping.


uDroppy can connect you to multiple suppliers and manufacturers with competitive quotes saving you time from scouting for them yourself.

It also provides the convenience of having all of them in one platform, making it easy for you to take your pick.

Aside from that, all products are checked for quality and can be customized, as well as its packaging.

Further, orders around the globe are fulfilled with ease due to its worldwide warehouse network, and, in fact, uDroppy fulfilled orders in 185 countries and still counting.

Best of all, uDroppy helps you and your customer access to fast and trackable shipping. You will see the uDroppy shipping times from your dashboard.

By enabling deliveries worldwide with reliable tracking, uDroppy helps you make more sales and minimize refunds.

And, by providing your customer with the option of Cash On Delivery (COD), it drums up your sales even further.

Services for Dropshippers

There a handful of platforms which provide services for dropshipping entrepreneurs.

For instance, AliExpress is a known one.

There are limitations on that platform, however, such as companies which aren’t Chinese-owned aren’t allowed to open their stores upon it, and customers in China can’t buy from stores on it.

Thus, you must consider all options available at your disposal, one of which is uDroppy.

uDroppy is known for being able to fulfill orders in over a hundred countries.


Signing up for a uDroppy account is also completely free, and accessible to everybody.

Click here to get started with uDroppy today.

You may be wondering what services uDroppy can provide you.

As previously mentioned, uDroppy can connect you with multiple suppliers and manufacturers.

In this way, you can close deals all through one platform without scouring for suppliers yourself.

Once a customer buys from your shop, you can simply contact your supplier through uDroppy, and that supplier will fulfill your order.

Additionally, uDroppy and its contacts of manufacturers and suppliers agreed to provide you with the following to give you and your customers the best experience:

  • Product Variation. With manufacturers from all over the world, creating thousands of different products, you are offered thousands of choices to curate the type of store you want your business to be.
  • Product Request. If you saw a product that’s not already available on uDroppy, or if you’re an innovator that can envision improvements on a product, you can post a request on this platform.

A supplier will look for all the ways to provide it for your store, putting you a step ahead of businesses on a differing platform.

  • Dropshipping Fulfillment. uDroppy provides a handy dashboard which connects you to suppliers so that it’s easier to communicate with and pay your suppliers.
  • Global Coverage. With uDroppy, you can fulfill orders in 185 countries and still counting. uDroppy and the manufacturers only ship out with reliable, trackable carriers. In this way, you broaden your reach, build customer trust, and make more sales.

In addition, uDroppy will give you the following support:

  • 1-Click Import. Once you link up your online store with uDroppy, you may be concerned with the tedium of saving images and copying information of every single product you want to sell. uDroppy makes this easier for you by having a 1-Click Import which copies everything for you.
  • Automated Invoice Notifications. For accounting purposes, your email is automatically notified with every invoice.
  • Refunds. uDroppy has a policy which protects your money. If a product is returned due to the terms in the policy, uDroppy provides you a refund.
  • Dedicated Manager. uDroppy provides you with an e-commerce manager at your complete disposal.

This manager will support you throughout your entire time on the platform.

They will check the status of your orders, keep an eye out for better deals for sources, and many more.

What makes uDroppy stand out from its competitors is that it’s in touch with over 900 manufacturers.

Further, unlike other dropshipping platforms which source products from another third-party such as eBay, your customer will get the product directly from the factory.

You can give your affiliates a commission that is fair both for them and for you. What’s great is that both of you have the goal to maximize YOUR profit.


Services for Brand Owners

If you want to do more than just sell, but establish a brand, then uDroppy is the one for you.

This platform can help you white label products.

How does white labeling work?

First, you choose the products you want to make up your brand. Second, you select a supplier for the products you chose.

Third, they print on and pack your goods with your branding, whether it be your brand name, logo, or so on.

White labeling is a cost-effective way of business and is a widespread practice since the 90s.

Aside from this, you can also get the following services from uDroppy:

  • Product Sourcing. You can utilize the uDroppy team and e-commerce manager as a support system and let them source products for you.

In this way, they can help you get your hands on some samples, and once you find them satisfactory, you can order the minimum amount or more of the product with your branding stamped on it.

  • COD. Cash On Delivery may sound new, but it’s been a common practice for many countries for many years.

What it means for the buyer is that they only pay for the product once it is delivered and in their hands.

What COD does is it builds trust between you and your buyer, as well as minimizes the refund rate while maximizing conversion rate.

With COD with uDroppy, there is nothing to worry about as uDroppy will remit the money to your account, and they’ll simply get the cash from the buyer when the product is delivered.

  • Virtual Warehouse. Once all the products you bought have your branding, asking uDroppy to stock your items in particular countries across the globe.

For instance, the places that have a high demand for them.

In this way, the products will be shipped out and delivered faster, building up your integrity as a brand.

You are empowering yourself and your customer to get their hands on your product in as soon as a handful of days.

You can do this with ease through your uDroppy dashboard.

  • Order Fulfillment. Even if you have thousands of white labeled products, you don’t have to worry about renting a storage facility or storing it in your home.

You can just process your customer’s order, and your product will come straight from the factory and into their home.

You may be wondering ‘what if I’m an innovator?’

Sure, you can be selling already good products, but what if it could be better products with a few changes here and there?

Or maybe you are envisioning a product the market hasn’t seen yet.

Either case makes you stand out against your competitors.


The great news is you can collaborate with a uDroppy manufacturer to create a prototype of the product that you want.

You can go back and forth with them until you have the perfect product in your hands.

And, once you find the design satisfactory, they can mass produce it for you and stamp your branding on it so you can market it to your global customers.

Services for Advertisers

Like any entrepreneur, you want to scale your business.

A way to grow your business is to make sure that people know of your brand, your product, and where and how to buy it.

This is where advertisers come in.

Of course, you can pay for commercials, billboards, and ad spaces in malls, but those are costly, and run for a limited time only.

For instance, commercials only run between 10-30 seconds on the television (depending on your budget) and motorists on the freeway only have a handful of seconds to look at your billboard.

However, it’s increasingly becoming a norm to go online every day for work, school, and leisure.

What you can do is take advantage of the digital space.

There are plenty of websites known for viewers staying on their page that you can rent ad space on.

You can pay for video ads on streaming platforms like YouTube.

Additionally, there are plenty of affiliate marketers who will advertise the product for you.

Affiliate marketers can do a lot of things.

They can promote your product with a direct link to their sizeable audience, they can provide an in-depth review of your product, leveraging their successful personal experience to convince prospective buyers, and many more.

For instance, you can pay YouTube to play your ad before a creator’s video guaranteeing you 5-7 seconds of viewership before a viewer skips, or you can choose to empower creators with your commission rate.

Content creators who love your product are more than happy to feature your product in more than one video and link to your store.

What’s excellent about uDroppy is that it saves you time and effort for scouring the internet for affiliate marketers and finds them for you.


Here’s how it works:

  • You find a product that fits your brand
  • You send your branding (name, logo, etc.) to your manufacturer so they can stamp it with it
  • You create an affiliate marketing program with uDroppy
  • You and your affiliates advertise your product
  • A buyer purchases from your store
  • uDroppy ships out the item and delivers it to the buyer’s doorstep

You can give your affiliates a commission that is fair both for them and for you.

What’s great is that both of you have the goal to maximize YOUR profit.

Your affiliates want you to succeed so they’ll be along for the ride, and they’ll make sure you’ll get the maximum conversions.

uDroppy’s motto is “marketing on you, the rest on us.”

By taking advantage of this affiliate program, many people spread the word about your product instead of one.

Instead of having your hands full with making sure manufacturing and shipping go smoothly, uDroppy makes sure for you.

You can just focus on conversions.

In case this is an unfamiliar word, conversion is a marketing term meaning the act of a customer doing what you want them to do, i.e. buy your product.

Rest assured, uDroppy will have your back by having stock of your product with your product all across the globe with your directive, ready to ship out to anywhere.

You can think of it as a virtual warehouse.

Services for Buyers

You want to know what services exactly you’ll get when you buy products to sell through the uDroppy platform.

After all, this is a practice you’ll do regularly during your partnership with uDroppy.

Here are a few but not limited to things that you can expect from this eCommerce solution:

  • Product Sourcing. With tons of suppliers on uDroppy, you just need to take your pick of what products you want to make up your store all from one dashboard.
  • Get Quotations. From your uDroppy dashboard, you can message the suppliers with the details of the product you want to be made, and they will send you a quotation.

What you can do is message more than one manufacturer for quotes and samples.

And in this way, you can test the product as well as get the best deal by having a lot of options.

  • Fast Sampling. Once you have contacted your prospective suppliers and discussed your preferences, they will send you samples.

uDroppy claims that sample creation and delivery is “hyper-fast,” with entrepreneurs receiving their samples in less than a month.

This includes the prototype phase.

Once you have the sample in your hands, you’ll be able to test it and decide who will be your manufacturer-partner.

  • Cash On Delivery. Once you have a contract signed with your manufacturers, they’ll start making products for you.

And, for your every order, uDroppy will send a carrier to pick it up from the factory and straight to your customer’s doorstep.

What’s great about uDroppy is that they remit payment to your account and let the customer pay once they have the product in their hands, increasing your product’s popularity and your customer’s trust in your store.

  • Global Logistics. uDroppy is partnered up with manufacturers and equipped with warehouses all across the globe.

They also know the best carrier services in the countries they deliver to like the back of their hand.

uDroppy will always choose the carrier which can get the product to your customer the fastest.


Furthermore, what’s great is uDroppy’s features and services are not limited to these, and they’re always hearing out entrepreneurs on how to make their services even better.

uDroppy pricing: how much does it cost?

Signing up for a uDroppy account is entirely free.

Click here to get started with uDroppy today.

By signing up, you’ll be able to take a look at its dashboard and what services it has to offer.

uDroppy has four plans that you can take advantage of. Let’s take a look at each option available:


The best option to start with if you’re a newbie at dropshipping with a limited capital.

In this way, you can simply focus on having enough money to buy supplies whenever you get an order.

You can focus on marketing and growing your audience.

With the free plan, you can import a maximum of 10 products every month, so it’s best to curate products according to what type of store you want to be.


For instance, if you want to have a sports gear and equipment shop, you can start with importing rackets, basketballs, sweatbands, and so on.

This plan has no dedicated e-commerce manager and access to a virtual warehouse.

However, due to the manageable number of imports, as a budding dropshipper, you can really get to be hands-on and get used to the business strategy.

Not to worry, while imports are limited, order processing is not, and customers can buy, and you can sell as much as you want. uDroppy will take care of order fulfillment for you for the uDroppy products you order.

And, once you feel that your business has grown that you need to delegate, have products in stock in international warehouses, and you need to access uDroppy’s other features, you can move on to one of the following plans.


Your business is growing, and you want to fulfill your customers’ want of products not in your store.

or $49 a month, the Traction plan grants you unlimited product imports.

For instance, you want to grow your sports gear and equipment business.

You already sell balls and rackets, and you want to expand to selling peripherals such as water bottles and timers.

Or, you want to expand your business to include athletic wear.

With Traction, the products you can offer are endless.

Order processing is unlimited, like in the free plan, and you have a maximum of 8 product requests a month.

Product requests are for instances in which you want a product, but you don’t already see it offered in the dashboard.

This plan doesn’t include an e-commerce manager at your disposal, so you have to make note of having a manageable workload.

Once you’re ready to establish your business not only as an online store but your own brand, you can move on to the next plan.


The Pro plan has unlimited imports, order processing, and fulfillment. You can request 20 products a month, and you have access to a virtual warehouse.

And, it allows you to white label products with your own branding and customize its packaging.

This plan is $149 a month and provides you a dedicated e-commerce manager who will give you support calls to make sure you’re on the up and up of what’s going on with your business, and you have a support team accessible via live chat.

This plan can support up to 5 stores, and if your business has scaled so much that you the ability to open more, you can move on to the next plan.


This plan has all the features of the Pro plan, and allows you to have uDroppy support for up to 10 stores for only $249 a month.

With the Platinum plan, your product requests are increased into up to 35 a month. You have a dedicated e-commerce manager, virtual layouts, white labeling capabilities, COD Management System, and many more.


Summary: uDroppy Review

uDroppy is an e-commerce solution like no other. You can gain access to tons of suppliers with a few taps on your phone for FREE.

With 1 click, all product information and photos are imported to your site, and with 1 dashboard, your business can fulfill orders all across the globe.

And, as your online store grows, you can upgrade to a plan which suits your needs.

The plans are of competitive pricing and of fair cost especially compared to the profit you’ll rake in.

Additionally, uDroppy supports you in realizing your store to a brand, by helping you customize products and embellishing it with your branding, as well as providing you with a virtual warehouse and up to 10 stores.

Click here to get started with uDroppy today.


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