Shopify Simple Theme Review: does minimalism work?

Shopify Simple Theme Review: does minimalism work?

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In online entrepreneurship, a minimalist theme with a balanced and exceptional functionality is the new trend.

The basic principle of minimalism is to strip off the user-interface to the bare minimum, and exclude unnecessary visual elements.

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Each detail of your theme must add value; you do not want your online customers to be confused with clutter—you want them to look straight at your products. Fortunately, you can do this by using Shopify Simple Theme for your online store.

It emphasizes your products and prioritizes customer experience that you will find ideal.

In this Shopify Simple theme review, I will guide you through the following:

  • What is the Shopify Simple Theme?
  • Shopify Simple Theme Features
  • Advantages of using Shopify Simple Theme
  • Customer Feedback

If you want, you can also check out the Shopify simple theme demo from Shopify’s website.

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What is the Shopify Simple theme?

The Shopify Simple theme is a theme with minimalist layout for your Shopify store. It provides no room for designs that are obstructive.

With its flat icons, a considerable amount of white space, and a few color schemes, the theme amplifies your web and product pages, giving your customer a Zen experience.

This theme is appropriate if you have a medium-sized catalog or inventory. It is best if you have like 20 products or so as this number allows you to make your store look organized and complete.

Moreover, it provides an intuitive layout that makes it easy to navigate to navigate—easy navigation helps you prevent high bounce rates, and it also provides a seamless customer or user experience.

If you have a large collection, you do not need a cluttered design. That is not how it works in e-commerce. You should not have to compromise site speed with content.

With the Shopify Simple theme, you can accommodate a huge catalog without being forced to clutter your pages with product images.

You can integrate Simple Theme for your Shopify store by following these steps:

  • Log in your Shopify account
  • Go to
  • Click ‘View demo’
  • Choose desired theme style
  • Click ‘Start with this theme’
  • Begin customizing your store

The Shopify Simple theme is responsive on any device, all you have to do it is install it in your store, and you can start customizing it to your heart’s desire.

Here are Shopify Simple Theme’s Styles:


This style has a plain white background and leaves no space for unwanted designs, it focuses on your products and side menus, so there is no header at the top but only a search bar and a cart on the right.

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It allows you to navigate collections on the left side menu. The page has featured collections and users may opt to add a text below it. Additionally, you may display your unique logo in black and white at top right.


Beauty has a promo banner that occupies the entire width of the top of your page. Your logo appears under the search bar, and users can select on the side menu.

A slideshow appears next to it and a clickable icon that will lead you to a product page. Its’ prominent shade is red.

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This style is a shade of teal and white; it has a clickable promo banner at the top that you can link to a product page.

You can add a logo above the selections of side-menus as it also uses drop-down navigation support. This style does not have a slideshow but allows you to insert an image that has a clickable icon.

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There are numerous themes to choose from, so what makes the Shopify Simple theme the best among the rest?

Shopify Simple Theme Features

Now, let us take a look at the different features of the theme.

1. Sidebar Menu

An accordion selection that allows you to add categories on the side menu; you can compress it for a navigational drop-down support.

2. Search Bar

This feature is built-in with all the pages of your store; online visitors who are looking for a particular item could use it for an efficient shopping experience.

They can search for keywords, and the Shopify Simple theme related products will appear according to their preference.

3. Product Pages

It is where your customers go once they click a product; this is customizable as you can add, remove or modify particular sections of it.

Here are its sections:

  • Quantity selector – This feature allows users to input the quantity of purchase for a particular product.
  • Social sharing icons – Users can find this under the product description; these are clickable icons used to share the specific product page to different social media. By adding this, organic customer traffic will increase.
  • Product Description – this is your chance to advertise your product’s quality, components, and features. Use sample product images to entice your customer to buy, and use good copywriting to improve your conversion rate.
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  • Image zoom – Besides the primary image product, you can upload two to seven more photos, and it will appear under the primary image. By clicking on it, users can zoom on it. You can set this as a lightbox, zoom-in or no zoom.
  • Dynamic checkout button – This is visible under the Add to Cart button; you can check out the items right away, and it will lead the customer to the payment page.
  • Product recommendation – It appears below the selected product on the product page. It allows you to recommend similar items for increased discoverability. Product recommendation can potentially increase your sales, too.

4. Cart

The cart appears on the top-right corner, once users click it; they will see all the items they have picked, including the following:

  • Price indication
  • Quantity
  • Total & Subtotal

On this page, users will be able to finalize their orders and even add special instructions to the seller before checking out.

5. Social Media Icons

It appears below the side menu bar, and you can link your social media pages so it will reflect on the icons when customers click it. Be sure to add it to your theme to let them know that you are open to any business inquiries.

6. Payment Icons

On the footer, you can display the available payment methods for your store by adding the appropriate icons. In this way, it will allow your customers to know what payment options are available.

7. Announcement Bar

It is a feature that is clickable, or you can just use a plain bar. You can attach the link of a product page, or you can simply add any text.

For example, you can insert a text that says, “A new collection is now available!” When they click the bar, it will lead them to that new collection.

Featured Banner & Slideshow
These are two of your options if you want to feature an image of your model or product; you can display a single image banner for your home page, or settle for a slideshow that rotates to a maximum of six images.


8. Sorting Menu

In the collections page, you can let customers filter and sort through products tag. Users can sort alphabetically, numerically or by best-sellers. This feature makes your page easily navigated in seconds.

9. Blog Page

The blog feature is accessible on the side menu, you can use the text section to insert your written content. This section is highly customizable, and you can even add multiple images in here. By using the blog page, you can advertise a product or a collection.

10. Video

If you have an advertising commercial or an infomercial that tells the story of your company, you can use this feature as you can add videos hosted by YouTube or Vimeo to your homepage. Adding a video is known to generate engagement and interest.

11. Newsletter

Let your online customers subscribe to your email list. Use this list tin your email marketing campaigns. By providing them with a newsletter sign up on the footer, you can send advertising and marketing campaigns to their e-mail when they subscribed.


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Extra Theme Features

Image Animation

The image animation provides two transition effects: slide and fade.

These effects are limited to images, and you have an option to add it or not. The animation feature allows you to make a modern sleek “look” for your homepage.

Search Optimization Engine

SEO allows you to boost your traffic by identifying your market first, then using keywords that can make you visible in search engines. If you are an online seller, you must capitalize on SEO as it can potentially increase your conversion rates.

Dropdown Navigation Support

You can create different menus and drops-downs. This should help you create a seamless customer experience, and also control how your customers navigate your ecommerce store.

Customizable Content Sections

The typography and color scheme is modifiable, and you can adjust the sections by adding or re-organizing it. You can also use HTML codes to add text blocks, tables, and content from a third party app.

Advantages of using Shopify Simple Theme

There are numerous themes to choose from, so what makes the Shopify Simple theme the best among the rest?

Here are the Shopify Simple Theme’s user advantages:

100% FREE

Simple Theme is free of charge, and it provides free theme updates so you can save your money and invest more on your products and services.

Paying a premium theme is unnecessary if a free Shopify theme like this offers the same functionality and user-friendly interface. With this theme, you can run a successful business without worrying about theme subscription.

Lower Bounce Rate

According to EyeQuant’s study on user-interface marketing, minimalist designs without obstructive elements can decrease the bounce rate.

A simple, clutter-free theme is what prevents online customers from bouncing since it does not overwhelm them. With this, you and your customers can enjoy a layout with easy navigation and design with no complex elements.

Mobile Responsiveness

It is responsive to any device so you can capitalize on the majority of people who use mobile phones for online purchases.

According to a retail eMarketer report, mobile purchases can increase 50% of online sales by the year 2022 and that it is currently growing fast.

To capitalize on this, you must use a theme that is tailored-fit for mobile users with a high page speed score and simple features for fast online transactions. By using Simple Theme, you can increase your Shopify store’s engagement via mobile.

Customer Feedback

There are only two bad feedback that was from years ago, which had been resolved through continuous theme updates, so I will be noting the positive remarks instead. Currently, Shopify Simple Theme has a positive rating of 83% from 24 user reviews.

Here are several positive feedback from customers:

Easy Customization

Users note that it is best suited for entrepreneurs who are new to online business platforms. It is easy to customize so you can launch your business right away.

Fast Page Load

Its’ navigation is light and fast on any devices, despite the store’s medium to large inventories. Some users even note that it is better than premium themes as it only includes necessary features. In that way, the theme can load efficiently without obstructions.

Shopify Support Team

Users highly commend the support team for Shopify Simple Theme as you can approach them for any concerns regarding your theme’s layout, responsiveness, or speed.

If you use this free theme, you can always send a modification request to the support team, and you will receive a status update within 2-4 business days.

Blog Page

Online sellers enjoy the blog page inclusion as they can publish articles about their products and company.

With influential written materials, sellers can convince their visitors to stay longer in the store’s page and purchase items. A blog is a great way to build credibility and online presence.

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Shopify Theme Review Summary

Let us wrap up this Shopify Simple theme tutorial. I will rate this theme with 4.5 out of 5 stars. This theme is highly recommended for online sellers who want a free theme that is highly functional and responsive.

It is also great for beginners who have zero experience in launching an online store since it is easy to customize.

If you want a free layout that is fast, clean and has an excellent support team, then use Shopify Simple Theme.


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