27 Best Shopify Themes for e-Commerce and Dropshipping Stores

27 Best Shopify Themes for e-Commerce and Dropshipping Stores

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There are thousands of Shopify themes for sale in the market. While Shopify offers free themes, sometimes it makes much more sense to buy one that is built specifically for your industry.

But which ones are the best?

Some e-commerce platforms do not have enough customization option, let alone have a massive theme library. With Shopify, you get inundated with thousands of them. Today, I will help you choose the best Shopify themes.

There is a lot to choose from so you may be confused and overwhelmed with the number of themes to consider, but I will make the them presentation as simple as possible.

Let us get started!

1. Goodwin

  • Price: $48
  • Positive rating: 98%

Goodwin is a smooth, modern theme that is multi-purpose. It has 16+ home page layouts and 50+ pre-set pages. It offers a variety of design collections and demos suitable to most types of online shops.


Its interface is responsive to any devices, making navigation even more comfortable with a drag-and-drop option. This theme offers:

  • 70+ widgets
  • 14 headers
  • 12 footers

Apart from these choices, you have an option to use a dark or light mode. If you are particular about how your product page is going to look like, Goodwin Theme is a great choice as it has four product page layouts that you can choose from.

2. Symmetry

  • Price: $180
  • Positive rating: 93%

Symmetry Theme is best for clothing, fashion, jewellery, accessories, sports, recreation, and garden shops with large inventories.

It offers four theme styles:

  • Salt Yard
  • Beatnik
  • Chantilly
  • Duke

These styles have a minimalist approach, with prominent dropdown menus for categories and collections.


It is simple to navigate, and also simple to the eye. It does not have a lot of distractions. High-quality product images are perfect for this, as it could trigger impulse purchases.

This theme is also mobile-friendly, and this can help you boost your ranking via mobile search.

3. Game Store – Gameworld

  • Price: $69
  • Positive rating: 86%

Gameworld by Themeforest is a premium Shopify Theme best suited for game stores. It is compatible with W3C, HTML5, and CSS3, which makes this theme responsive to any devices.

There are custom designs available for different products such as digital games, digital tools, game previews, serial keys and license keys.


The prominent scheme for this theme is dark and white skin with useful elements like Bootstrap 3, SASS, SCSS, multi-layout, product page, mega menu feature, blog pages, and parallax slideshow.

The theme comes with search engine optimization features, which allows you to enter meta titles and meta-descriptions, both of which can help your product pages get indexed in search engines.

4. Universe

  • Price: $180
  • Positive rating: 90%

Universe Theme by Outlane has a sophisticated look that offers 3 theme styles:

  • Earth
  • Mars
  • Jupiter

These styles are vibrant, and do not have multiple popups. What it does is it prevents you from creating any clutter on your store. This, over time, is going to give your site visitors an extremely smooth experience.


The layout is multipurpose, and it looks very professional, as it offers:

  • Multiple sections and widgets
  • Advanced Shopify sections
  • A Powerful mega menu
  • Full customization options

The Universe theme is best-suited for individuals who want a diverse yet minimalist theme. This theme allows you to create a customer-centric Shopify store.

5. Venture

  • Price: FREE
  • Positive rating: 45%

As the saying goes, “the best things in life are free”.

The Shopify Venture theme is one of the best free themes on the platform. It is free for life. It provides a bold minimalist mood with few distractions in the layout.


It has three styles:

  • Snowboards
  • Outdoors
  • Boxing

This theme has a clean look, suitable for high volume shops that require a user-friendly experience for customers. It is best for entrepreneurs who are just starting out in their online journey

6. Supply

  • Price: FREE
  • Positive rating: 62%

Supply gives you a navigational advantage through its simple layout. It is best for large catalog-stores.


It has a sorting and filtering feature, plus you can display your several hero banners on your home page, which can help improve your conversion rate.

You can customize this theme if you want through the theme’s code. If coding is not your cup of tea, you can choose from its two styles called Blue and Light.

7. Brooklyn

  • Price: FREE
  • Positive rating: 73%

Brooklyn is the right choice if your business focuses on clothing lines or accessories. It is a free theme, but it certainly looks classy. There theme has two styles called Playful and Classy.


These modern styles focus on imagery and your brand. It allows you to put a header slideshow. It has a dynamic product grid, a home page video, and a slide-out cart.

The slide-out cart online transactions quick as your online customers do not have to leave the page to process payment and checkout. This theme is also customizable and has a mobile-responsive design.

8. Ella

  • Price: $79
  • Positive rating: 93%

Ella provides multiple layouts and styles that you can tweak and design, and it caters to no particular type of store as it is all in one.


It also allows you to use child themes so you can test any changes and see if a new plug-in or code has a bad impact to the design.

The product display is eye-popping. It has a hero banner plus product blocks on 15+ homepage layouts. This theme gives you an opportunity to build a truly unique store, which can set you apart from your competition.

It has a user-friendly interface, which provides your site visitors with a smooth shopping experience on any device. The best of all? Ella gives its users new feature updates for free.

9. Porto

  • Price: $79
  • Positive rating: 98%

Porto is your premium “go-to-theme” if you want a fast website that is responsive.

This theme gives you 20+ demos and layouts, all of which you can customize with the content management system. This system allows you to change the overall look and navigation of your store.


It has speed performance quality that can boost your traffic, and if you are tired of using a theme that gets outdated eventually, this is something you can use for years.

Porto provides free updates that should help your theme keep up with the fast-changing landscape of e-commerce.

10. Wokiee

  • Price: $89
  • Positive rating: 100%

Wokiee allows you to have full control over the designs of your Shopify store; the numbers speak for themselves, as it is one of the best-rated premium themes for Shopify.


It has all the features that will make help your store perform at optimal speed. This theme has a page speed score of 96% on desktop, and 72% on mobile.

Wokiee has:

  • 99+ content blocks
  • Product configuration widgets
  • 75+ stylish homepage layouts
  • 8 layouts for shop pages
  • 8 layout options for product pages
  • Header variants
  • Add to cart option in product pages
  • Numerous product filters.

This theme has got it all for you.

11. Electro

  • Price: $59
  • Positive rating: 97.8%

Electro is a modern yet straightforward built for a Shopify store that caters to electronic and technological product.

This theme offers update so the demos may vary from time to time, but it is up to you to opt for any type of look you prefer.


For top performance, Electro supports 3D image contents and even 3D video uploads. It also utilizes a high resolution, so it is no trouble for wide screens because Electro is widescreen ready.

It has a mega-menu that is perfect for mid to high range of inventories.

12. Basel

  • Price: $69
  • Positive rating: 92.8%

If you have a big store, and you want to focus your display on quality imagery, Basel is the best theme for you. This theme has a minimalist approach that looks sophisticated on apparel, furniture, accessories.


This theme has:

  • 18+ layouts
  • 1 click import demo
  • Multiple header variations
  • AJAX shop and search
  • Product quick view
  • 360-degree view of product images
  • A wish list for customers.

With these main features, not only do you get the best of what you pay, but your customers will enjoy it.

13. Shella

  • Price: $59
  • Positive rating: 99.4%

Shella is one of the fastest themes that you can use for your Shopify store. It has a performance speed rating of 100%. As such, site speed is the least of your concerns.


Shella is best used for fashion stores—it has filters, icons, and a provision for a huge catalog of products. Here are some of its features:

  • 99+ pre-designed pages
  • 3D aesthetics
  • Instagram widget
  • Despite being a premium theme, the developers understand that there is always a room for improvement, so you can expect updates from them as they keep up with the demands of technology.

14. Zeexo

  • Price: $29
  • Positive rating: 95.4%

Zeexo is a flexible theme that has about 108 built-in skins, and you can quickly integrate this with your Shopify store with a one-click installation.

In using Zeexo, you do not need any special coding skills because you can easily modify the whole layout. It has advanced custom fields, powerful megamenu, flyout menu, autosuggestion, cookie policy, and catalogs.

You can also include elements like a quick view, social proof, and promotions’ countdown timer to boost purchases.

15. Simple

  • Price: FREE
  • Positive rating: 83%

If you are a frugal yet wise entrepreneur, then Simple Theme is perfect for you because it is free. It provides an organized look that has a mobile-first design.


The theme has image animations and product image zoom. Ideally, it works best for stores with extensive menus and more than a dozen products.

It makes shopping a quick experience because of the sidebar navigation. With Simple theme, you can also recommend products on the product pages.

16. Handy

  • Price: $160
  • Positive rating: 94%

This theme is called Handy for a reason—its optimization is best for handheld devices. A lot of shoppers buy from their mobile device.


If you do not want to code, you can use the three built-in styles called Light, Cool, and Fresh.

It has a minimalist style that puts product images at the center of the page, and it allows you to display your contact information and store hours.

You can even add a menu where your customers can quickly search what they are looking for.

17. Icon

  • Price: $160
  • Positive rating: 94%

One way to appeal to shoppers is through using a simple yet visual theme—one that focuses on the beauty of your product images. This could ultimately make your product images a powerful sales magnet.

The theme has three styles called Dolce, Christian, Vera, and Yves. These styles use the psychology of colors in marketing. The color schemes are inviting.


What makes the Icon theme valuable is its features such as: image optimization, quick view, slide show, multi-column menu, sticky navigation, and parallax effect.

18. Fastor

  • Price: $33
  • Positive rating: 98.4%

Fastor is a popular theme because of its impeccable customer support for its users. The theme supports multiple languages. This theme is based on Bootstrap 3 and has an efficient and fast page load speed


This theme can bring high-quality traffic to your store because it has SEO components.

With this theme, you could save yourself time and launch your business right away—choose from 87 pre-made designs and launch your store in a jiffy.

19. Kala

  • Price: $48
  • Positive rating: 97.4%

Afraid that you may have to code your Shopify store?

With Kala Theme’s promise, you do not need to code just to customize the design of your store as you can easily configure elements from the theme’s backend.


You can use the theme in your Shopify store via one-click installation. You also have the privilege of using:

  • 30+ homepage layouts
  • 60+ different designed sections
  • 5 product page styles
  • 10+ header styles
  • 5+ footer styles

Kala’s web design is responsive and appropriate if you want that “chic” feel, or a fresh yet classic vibe.

20. Woodmart

  • Price: $39
  • Positive rating: 98%

Woodmart is a theme that makes website exploration or navigation easy. The design is equally easy to the eyes; it offers a vast color palette that you can modify, along with numerous free fonts.

It has a trendy look, and you can choose from ten styles.


It has 6+ product page choices, a general feature list that includes 1-click dummy import, mega menu, web translation, and SEO. It is WoodCommerce ready with a composer included. It has AJAX filters, too. The creators of Woodmart theme also offer online support for your inquiries.

21. Maxmin

  • Price: $56
  • Positive rating: 100%

Maxmin offers a smart look for your Shopify store. It has a fully-functional SEO framework plus responsive features.

This theme is most appropriate for clothing line stores, accessory shops, and digital stores. Maxmin is lightweight, so it can perform well on all types of devices.

The theme is capable of:

  • Animation effect
  • Slideshow
  • Parallax style
  • Customizable sections
  • Modifiable colors.

Users say that some error occur. To get the most of your money, consult with the developers as they have a customer support program.

22. Banita

  • Price: $59
  • Positive rating: 97.6%

You do not want your store to look too simple, so use Banita as it offers an exciting look. With Banita Theme, you can make visuals pop as it provides 10+ pre-set designs.


Here are some more goodies:

  • 50+ sections with individual settings
  • Versatile design
  • Headers, footers, and widget

Banita has superior features like SEO, a flexible layout, and a Mailchimp newsletter subscription. As an online seller, you should consider this theme as it encourages your customers to subscribe to your newsletter or mailing list.

23. Boundless

  • Price: FREE
  • Positive rating: 54%

Boundless is for fashion stores. This theme has a dependency on great images, so use high-resolution pics.

Boundless works best only if you know how to blend colors and images together.


The theme is organized and straightforward. It is best of small to medium-sized inventories. It has two styles called Black & White and Variant, both of which are interactive and mobile-ready.

24. Fastest

  • Price: $56
  • Positive rating: 97.2%

The most commended aspect of Fastest Theme is customer support, quality design, and code quality. You can customize this to fit your design aspirations, and it is not difficult to use.


As the name suggests, this is a fast theme, with a Google Pagespeed Insight rating of 97 and a GMetrix score of 90/100.

You can also boost your sale with its upselling feature. The theme supports multiple languages, so it is best for stores that support multiple geographies.

The vibe that Fastest gives is a voguish look that can cater to any type of store. It has a total of 16 styles.

25. Blockshop

  • Price: $160
  • Positive rating: 95%

With Blockshop, you can prevent your store from having this “cramped” look. It has great customization options that allow you to remove distractions from your store. The theme has a grid-style presentation, and it comes in four styles.


These styles are:

  • Beauty
  • Adorn
  • Summer
  • Deli

These styles are best for products like makeups, accessories, food, and beverages.

You can also use this for fashion stores. Many user reviews indicate that this is a highly-recommended theme. It has an awesome support staff, so you can always ask somebody for help if you get stumped.

26. Vantage

  • Price: $160
  • Positive rating: 94%

Vantage Theme allows you to choose from four styles called

  • Clean
  • Mono
  • Reclaimed
  • Black

These are built-in styles, so you do need to exert much effort in building your store. You can easly install it in Shopify, upload contents, and you are good to go.


Its main features are:

  • Quick view
  • Color swatches for your items
  • Product image zoom
  • Slideshow
  • Filtering

The best of it all is the mailing list popup—once an online visitor comes in, the pop-up shows an announcement.

27. Avone

  • Price: $59
  • Positive rating: 100%

Avone Theme users have a choice from 20+ homepage layouts. These have a classic yet refreshing vibe for customers. You can even highlight your products’ valued characteristics by using the photo galleries in the theme.


By using this theme, you can give your customers an immersive shopping experience. You are at liberty to design it as you wish with its filly customizable features.

There are many ways to market your product with this theme, and this includes testimonies.

Through Avone’s testimonial features, you can build your identity and reputation. Not only does this provide your customers social proof, but it can convince customers to trust you and buy from you.

Best Shopify Themes Summary

A theme is either free or it can cost money. Regardless of your choice, consider it as an investment. A theme is the foundation o your store—much like physical stores have walls and posts.

How the foundation of the store dictates how much you can alter it to fit your grand marketing design.

What makes a theme worthy, though?

Simple, a theme that works on any device is what you have to buy. There are more shoppers on mobile than on desktop. The last thing you want is for people to leave your site because your them is not mobile responsive.

When it comes to theme selection focus on the following things:

  • Customization options
  • Design and layout
  • Page load speed
  • Sections and functional elements

After reading this, I hope that you are finally able to choose the ideal theme for your Shopify e-commerce and dropshipping store.

Good luck and I hope you make sales!

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