Shopify Boundless Theme Review: the most persuasive Shopify theme?

Shopify Boundless Theme Review: the most persuasive Shopify theme?

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Is your Shopify store is not making that much sales? Are you not attracting online customers? If you answered yes to any of these, then perhaps your theme is one of the issues.

In this Shopify Boundless theme review, we will find out if this theme can drive more sales to your business and how it can do that. 


Your theme impacts your customer’s overall experience. You need a theme that is not just fast, but you one that is responsive. Nothing irritates a customer more than a clunky theme. 

How your theme drives customer experience can increase your conversion rate up to 400%, according to a recent study of Forrester Research. What you want is a theme that increases your online store’s click-through rate, and it must decrease your bounce rate.

If you want a free theme that does this for you, you need to consider the Shopify Boundless Theme.

In Shopify Boundless theme review, you will learn the following:

  • Shopify Boundless Theme Overview
  • Shopify Boundless Theme Features
  • Customer Feedback

Let us begin!

Shopify Boundless Theme offers a navigational and marketing advantage that separates you from your competitors. Let us take a look at why you should use this theme for your online dropshipping store. 


Shopify Boundless Theme Overview

The Shopify Boundless Theme is a minimalist theme with a classy look. It is great for online stores with medium to large inventories—best suitable but not limited to sports and fashion collections. 

The layout highlights each image or video you upload, so make sure you use high-resolution and professional-looking photos.

It works on any device, and you do not need to be a tech-savvy to get this them to work in your online store. All you need is to download or install it in your Shopify store, and then begin posting contents.

It has two styles called Black & White and Vibrant.

  • Black & white – the two theme styles for Boundless are mostly similar. However, there is still a distinct look for each. The Black & White theme style has a bigger slideshow header—the size is 1660×804 pixels. In the collections section, it displays four portrait images per row. 

At the center-end of the page, you can feature one service or product to improve sales while a newsletter subscription box is available at the footer. 

Additionally, the color scheme is white and black, so it does offer versatility to any product color you display. Color psychology principles dictate that black poses a product-defining yet sophisticated look for your online store, while white presents simplicity for its visuals.

  • Vibrant – this has a smaller slideshow header, with only 1664×634 pixels available for use. Its collections show two items per row where landscape images are more visible. The header for this style allows you to upload a video that your customers can watch.

The Vibrant Theme Style has a color scheme of orange, black, and white—you can use this if you want higher conversion rate as it works better than other color schemes. While black and white amplify all colors and visuals, orange is friendly and attractive, so it encourages online customers to buy.

Shopify Boundless Theme Features

There are several free themes in Shopify. While most of them have similar features, each theme was designed for specific store types. Check out the features below to help you decide if this theme is the best one for your store. 

1. Built for Medium to Large Catalogs

This is most suitable for online merchants who want their medium or large inventories to appear organized. You can create navigation menus at the top of your store, which makes product search easier. 

2. Edge-To-Edge Photography

On the top area, you will not see a blank space. Your store visitors will only look at the featured product photos you upload. Use this as a marketing strategy by displaying your most valued products—products that you want to sell the most. 

Edge to Edge

3. Single Product Gallery

In the selection, customers can click on any item they are interested in, and it will lead to the store’s page display for that particular product. You can use up to three images. With this feature, you can showcase the valuable components of your items.

4. Slideshow with Fading Effect

The first thing that your online visitors will see is the slideshow which has your hero banners. This feature comes with a fading effect, so upload high-quality photographs. A study by Behavior & Information technology says that you only have 50 milliseconds to impress consumers. Make it count by using aesthetic hero banners on this section.

5. Full-Sized Product Images

This feature allows you to make your images work better by presenting full-sized portrait photos. This works great for clothing lines where you want to showcase an entire wardrobe that is worn by a model, not separate images for the top and the bottom.


6. Sticky Navigation

When customers scroll down your online store, the top menu position is fixed and will stick there no matter which part of the page they are on. With sticky navigation, it should be easy for your customers to move from one area of your store to another.   

Sticky Navigation

7. Home Page Video

Are you that type who wants to tell the story of your product or service? Do you make commercials for your store? If so, this feature is perfect.

Just upload your video to your store through the embed function. First, you need to upload your video on either YouTube or Vimeo. Next, use the embed code in the Shopify Boundless theme, and it will show on your hero banner area. 

8. Add to Cart

You do not need a plug-in for an add-to-cart button. This is already pre-installed in the Shopify theme. The button does not automatically take the customer to the checkout page. Instead, the products are added in the cart, which the customer can visit later on. 

There are two cart types in the With Shopify Boundless Theme:

  • Page – This cart redirects your online shoppers to a cart page.
  • Drawer – Once an online shopper selects an item, a drawer will open on the side where they can add the quantity and check out the items already.

9. Customized Home Page Logo

This is modifiable in pixels and appears over your slideshow. Adding a logo of your brand allows you to make a memorable impression on your online visitors.

If you are building a brand, this feature is critical. It also makes things easier for you as you no longer need to create graphic arts where your logo is embedded. 


10. Collection List & Featured Collection

You can choose portrait or landscape for your photo items and add the brand or product vendor below them. Through this feature, you can highlight 50 product images to entice the viewers.

It also includes:

  • Sorting and filtering – give your customers the option to toggle your product collections quickly through the filter tags; this feature sorts products numerically, alphabetically, or in ascending-descending order.
  • Pagination – options for your collection list can show the number of pages per collection or the “view more” button.

11. Product & Recommendations

This customizable feature includes:

  • A product brand – Aside from the home page logo, you can also add your product brand in the product page to promote your business identity; it is what makes you unique from other online stores.
  • Social sharing icons – Below the product image on the center-right, social sharing icons appear for your customers to click. This option provides your online store with an opportunity for others to check it out and give you traffic advantage.
  • Checkout button – For your customers, this makes purchasing products easy because it appears on a slide-out cart or product page. Moreover, you can capitalize on fast transactions for more profit.
  • Recommended products – One crucial aspect of online selling is being able to recommend your products. With this feature, you can display featured products and sale items that will interest your online visitors.

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12. Action Bar & Submenus

The action bar is under the slideshow, and it shows your collections’ main menu in a fixed position even when customers scroll down. When you click a collection category on the main menu, it will lead you to subcategories. 

13. Rich Text

Not all free themes have this feature, so if you want to provide some written content as a form of advertising, you need to use Shopify Boundless them.

With his feature, you can insert texts or embed it on your Shopify admin’s page. The business advantage of it is you can post upcoming events, new product details, or promos.

14. Google Map & Contact Information

Do you have a physical store? Do you want to hold an event for your online store? With this, you can show your store or event location via Google Map, and you can leave your contact information for any inquiries. It appears at the bottom of the page just above the footer. 

15. Newsletter

The newsletter section allows you to collect the email addresses of site visitors who are not yet willing to make a purchase.

Once they subscribe, you can send them updates about your store such as discounts, or send them marketing materials to entice them to buy. 


Extra Theme Features

1. Customizable HTML

You can customize the way the theme is built. If you like the theme, but you feel that there are some components that you need to change, you can hire a coder to make these changes from inside the theme’s code, or you can do it yourself if you understand HTML. 

2. SEO

Search Engine Optimization is the process of getting free traffic. In this theme, there are areas where you can use SEO to your advantage. You can add keywords and snippets in the meta-description for search engines to see. 

3. Social Media Icons

You can add social media icons at the footer to let your customers share what they saw on your page or follow you on your social media channels. 

4. Color Palette & Typography

The Shopify Boundless theme offers a variety of options for font styles and color schemes. This is great, considering that you need to match your brand’s colors and fonts with your website’s appearance. 

5. Favicon

A favicon is an icon that appears beside the URL. This does not really affect your traffic, but it does make your website look more professional. It is helpful for customers who have several browsers open. They will be able to easily identify what browser window your shop is on.

Advantages of using Shopify Boundless Theme

Shopify Boundless Theme offers a navigational and marketing advantage that separates you from your competitors. Let us take a look at why you should use this theme for your online dropshipping store

  • Free – the theme is free, and it is great for entrepreneurs who are beginning their journey in the e-commerce industry; it also works best for those who want to put up a dropshipping store but are on a budget.
  • Minimalist – the style is clean, with no disturbances whatsoever; the design does not clutter a site visitor’s eyes and head with too many texts and links.
  • Customizable – you have the option to customize the theme by changing its HTML components. If you do not know how to do this, the alternative is to remove some sections or add new ones in the theme customization area.

The Shopify Boundless theme is one of the best themes you can use for your Shopify dropshipping or e-commerce store. It is sleek, clean, and easy to use. It is free and customizable, and it is best used for stores with a medium-sized inventory. 

Customer Feedback

“It is eye-catching” is what most users comment about the theme. Furthermore, many customers appreciate that it has powerful imagery and that it is customizable. The theme will make your store look beautiful on any device.

Currently, Shopify Boundless Theme has 54% positive reviews with some noting they have been using it for years.  

Here are some constructive criticisms: 

  • Image – Few users say the product image is too big, inconsistent, and in low-quality resolution, but other people opposed this by saying that with a little tweak, it will not look cramped. When uploading photos to this theme, it must be in high-resolution and consistent sizes.
  • Mobile Responsiveness – While this still works perfectly for most users, a few users said it no longer works for them since it disorganizes their store’s pages. A few glitches are what you can expect from a free theme, but the good news is they offer free theme updates, which should fix these problems. 

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Shopify Boundless Theme Review Summary

I am giving this a rating of 4 out of 5 stars. 

It is simple to explore, and any Shopify store builder can have a powerful theme—a theme that drives sales through capitalizing on images.

The layout spotlights a model-centric image, so it is easy to focus on aesthetics and product demonstration, which invokes a powerful feeling and which can make online customers purchase your products.


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