5 Good Reasons to Buy a Custom-Made Dropshipping Store

5 Good Reasons to Buy a Custom-Made Dropshipping Store

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There are many reasons to buy a custom-made dropshipping store. In one of my blog posts, I wrote about the three different ways you can start a dropshipping business, and one of the ways that I recommended is to buy one that is customized to your niche and taste. Today, I will expound further why doing this benefits you. 

Here are the five reasons we will talk about today:

  • You do not have to waste time and effort
  • You do not have to do market research
  • You do not have to upload each product manually
  • You do not have to experiment with web design
  • You do not have to worry about technical issues

Let us get started!

What is a custom-made dropshipping store?

All dropshipping stores are custom-made. Typically, a dropshipper signs up for an account on his platform of choice, and then builds the store from scratch. The most popular dropshipping platforms are WooCommerce and Shopify. 

When we say custom-made dropshipping store, it refers to a website store that someone made for you. You can either buy this service from Fiverr, or you can buy from AliDropship. In some cases, you can buy a ready-made store, but not custom-made, in website marketplaces. 

There are two main types of people who buy custom-made dropshipping stores:

  • Those who have the capital and want to use their time wisely
  • Those who do not know how to build one

Regardless of who you are, buying a custom-made store only has one drawback: you do not build it yourself so you may not understand the inner workings of your store.

The good thing is that builders of custom-made stores offer a support system. They will be available to answer your questions until you can operate your store on your own. 

But is it really worth it and why? 

5 Good Reasons to Buy a Custom-Made Dropshipping Store

Let us take a look at the top five high-level reasons why you should buy a custom-made dropshipping store. 

Screenshot 4

1. You do not have to waste time and effort 

I know what it is like to build a Shopify store—and WooCommerce, too. While many people make it sound so easy, I have to say that it really isn’t. 

Dropshipping 728x90 1

When they say it is easy, what they simply mean is that you do not need to learn how to code. This is true. You do not have to understand HTML, JavaScript, or CSS to build a website store.

Software web builders today feature a user-friendly system where all you have to do is to choose a template and upload your product photos and descriptions.

If you use a web-builder like Elementor on WordPress, you can build your website with its drag-and-drop feature.

If you know how to use Facebook, you can build your website. This, however, is an oversimplification. For one, you will come across image sizing issues—some photos are blurry on some platforms, so now you have to do some research to fix the issue. 

As you can see, you will come across a lot of design issues. In the end, you may have what I call a Frankenstore—a hodgepodge of website elements that do not match.

Building a store is easy because you do not need to code, but putting together a store that looks coherent and beautiful is another thing. For one, branding alone can be a tough nut to crack. What colors will you use systematically all over your website? What photo sizes and font will you use? 

As you can see, there is more to building a store than meets the eye. I spent weeks building a storefront that looked great to me. People like me and you are not web designers by profession. We can get it done, but it can take a while. 

Building a store on your own is fun—I have to say that it is fulfilling. However, it requires grit to get it to fruition. If you easily give up because of failures, you may not see your store go live because you may give up as early as this stage in your dropshipping career.

2. You do not have to do market research

Many dropship store builders leave the market research to you. Some will do it, but you cannot really expect realistic statistics from store builders. They just do not have a reliable source of data. 

What I can recommend is AliDropship. Here, you can buy a dropshipping store with products backed by market research.  Here is why:

  • AliDropship and AliExpress belong to one company
  • The people behind the AliDropship platform rely on the data from AliExpress
  • They use this to find what products sell like pancakes

At AliDropship, they will take care of the market research per niche. Try going to AliExpress, and you will see the different categories and subcategories in the marketplace. AliExpress naturally has data about every single item sold on the platform.

From this data, the AliDropship store builder (a person, not a robot) can pick specific products for you—these are not just generic products from a niche, but actual products from specific sellers that have sold tens of thousands of them.

If you do market research on your own, here is what is likely to happen: 

  • You can rely on what you can find on Google Trends
  • If not, you would have to subscribe to dropship directories to get accurate data about what sells and what doesn’t.

Here are some dropship store suppliers that I can recommend: 

  • Spocket
  • SaleHoo
  • Dropified

You can read my reviews about these three here:

SaleHoo Review: A Quick Overview of the Program
Spocket Review: An In-Depth Look at the Spocket Dropshipping Supplier Tool
Ultimate Dropified Review: the best dropship tool?

Take note that these three companies may or may not have suppliers from the AliExpress universe. What this means is that their information is comprised of data from lots of vendors from different marketplaces. 

Also, the AliDropship store is built on WooCommerce. If you are looking forward to a Shopify store, forget about AliDropship and focus on Spocket and Dropified. SaleHoo does not integrate with Shopify. Instead, you will have to use its own online store platform.

Screenshot 5

3. You do not have to upload each product manually

This is one of those things that can take an eternity. While it is true that it is easy to import products from a dropship supplier tool to your store, choosing the products and editing them is what is going to take you a long while. 

You see, you have to standardize the appearance of all products in your store. If the background of one product is white, this should apply to all. If the size is 400 pixels by 400 pixels, this should apply to all. 

On top of this, you have to edit the product descriptions manually. As you know, the sellers in AliExpress are bulk sellers—they do not really put a lot of emphasis on how they write the product description. 

As a dropshipper, you need to appeal to a customer’s emotion to convince him to buy. It is likely that this customer got to your store by happenstance, not because he has an intent to make a purchase, so you need to do some convincing.

If you want to learn more about how to write great product descriptions, read my blog post about it: 6 Tips on How to Write a Product Description That Sells.

4. You do not have to experiment with web design

While the technical process of building a store is easy, the design process can get messy.

Sure, there are many themes to choose from, but the moment you start deleting these theme’s photos and replace them with your own, you will begin to realize how hard it is to make a coherent website. 

Here are somethings you have to think about: 

  • Borders
  • Padding
  • Font style, size, color
  • Photos
  • Drop shadows
  • Image widths
  • Text widths
  • Sections
  • Collections
  • Menu
  • And so much more

I get it—a theme is a theme. The problem is that a theme was made with a product in mind. There are many people who worked together to put together a theme and this is why they look awesome.

You, however, are a single person.

Screenshot 3 1

Here are some problems you may come across:

  • Your photos and product images may not have the same fonts as your theme
  • You do not have enough data to replace what is on the theme like reviews, photos, videos, hero banners, and so much more
  • You do not have enough pages to make the menu section busy enough
  • Your logo and site icons do not seem to match the default theme colors

As you can see, you will come across a lot of design issues. In the end, you may have what I call a Frankenstore—a hodgepodge of website elements that do not match.

Do not do this to your store. Do not do this to yourself. Just buy one.

5. You do not have to worry about technical issues

Do you know what AMP means? How about making sure that your website is Google SEO-compliant? You cannot depend on Facebook advertising 100% of the time to drive traffic to your store. You must make sure that your website is Google-friendly so you can drive traffic to it. 

With an AliDropship store built on the WooCommerce platform, what you get is an SEO-compliant dropshipping store, which is also mobile-friendly. This is one of the most difficult things to do—making your store transition into a mobile-friendly interface if your customer is browsing via a phone.  

Screenshot 2 1

Where to buy a Custom-Made Dropshipping Store

If you want to buy a store, there are only two routes you can take. The first one is to commission a web builder, and you can find freelancers like this on Fiverr. The thing with this is that you really have no guarantee about the person’s quality of work. 

It is not unusual for Fiverr sellers to display websites in their portfolios even if they did not make those. There are several YouTube videos about guys who paid top dollar to a Fiverr store builder, only to get a store that was done by an amateur. 

The good thing about Fiverr is that you can choose the platform you want. You can find freelancers who can build a store on Shopify or on WooCommerce. 

In AliDropship, your store will come from the hands of a team of professionals, not just one person. If you buy your store from AliDropship, it will be built on WooCommerce. 

Why is this? AliDropship is the competitor of Shopify—that is why. 

The cost of an AliDropship store starts at $299. If you do not want this, you can buy the AliDropship plugin for $89, and then install it in your WooCommerce website. $299 is not so bad. After all, you will get a store that is made by a team of professionals. 

At this cost, you will get the following: 

  • Niche research
  • Premium Domain name (.com)
  • Unique professional design
  • Mobile devices ready
  • AliDropship plugin
  • Choice of products

If you are interested in an AliDropship store, I can give you an exclusive discount of 15% of what they are charging. To use my discount code, click on the button below and use the code GETSTORE15 upon checkout.

I can also give you a discount code that applies to the following: 

  • AliDropship plugin
  • Custom and premium stores
  • AliDropship Add-ons
  • AliDropship Themes

To make the code work, you have to click on the button below. The exclusive code from Just Keep Shippin’, which you can use for the four products above, is JKSALI.


Building a store is a fun and fulfilling experience. However, there simply are individuals who have no time to get this done. There are also those who will take some time learning the ropes. Instead of building a store by trial and error, why not just commission a team of experts for you? 

Again, the last thing you want is to produce a Frankenstore. Believe me, you do not want this. You will spend weeks or months building a store, and you may end up paying for the services of someone just to fix what you have done.

Use my code. Buy an AliDropship Store. Start earning money.

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