A Review of Loox: The Best Photo Review App for e-Commerce?

A Review of Loox: The Best Photo Review App for e-Commerce?

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What is one way to improve your sales with social proof?

Positive reviews via a photo review app.

Whenever we sell online, we put our best foot forward. As such, we only use stock photos in our product pages. Gone are the days when amateur entrepreneurs used photos they took with their home cameras.

On eBay, product photos used to be the real deal—they are the photos of pre-loved items, not photos taken by professionals, and no photo editing was involved.

Customers prefer photos like that. They want to see photos that are authentic, and this is where Loox comes in. In AliExpress, you will see customer reviews where on top of the text, they have also uploaded photos of the products they bought from the merchant.

Loox is an app that can help you do this.

Today, we will learn more about Loox, what it is used for, and how it can motivate your site visitors to buy from you.

What is the Loox Product Review App?

Loox is an app that you have to integrate with your Shopify store. Once done, it allows your customers to leave product reviews for items they bought. On top of the text and the star rating, the customer can also upload a photo.

screenshot 1 3

Why is this necessary? The internet is a good thing, but it also brought forward scammers. People are tired of being shown great-looking product photos, only to receive stocks that are far way lower in quality than what was advertised.

Site visitors also know that text reviews are easily faked. As such, they feel a lot more confident buying if they see actual photos of the product taken by customers. Photos are difficult to fake. Photos on a product review show more authenticity than stock photos edited in Photoshop.

Loox will help you achieve this credibility. It is a great tool to use if you are confident about the product you are selling. If customers leave positive reviews plus the photo of the product, it is like you are getting free advertising for your store.

The Features of Loox Product Review App

The Loox app is loaded with features and benefits. We will take a look at the most important ones that will help you improve your conversion, or help you manage your store more efficiently.

These Loox features are:

  • Text Reviews
  • Dedicated Pages and Carousel
  • Discounts for Reviewers
  • Once Click Set-Up
  • Reply and Moderate
  • Import AliExpress Reviews
  • Automatic Email Reminders
  • Compatibility and Customization
  • Product Rating Widget and Pop-Up

Let us discuss them one by one.

1. Text Reviews

With Loox, your customers can leave text reviews on all of your products. The reviews also come with a 5-star rating scale, which automatically calculates your average customer satisfaction score for each product. If a customer left a text review and wants to update the review with a photo, he can come back and update the review later on.

2. Dedicated Pages and Carousel

The Loox app allows you to create a page that contains nothing but reviews. In the Loox app, this page is automatically titled Happy Customers. You can put the link to this page on the menu, which should attract site visitors’ attention.

happy cx 1

If you do not want a single-page collection of reviews, you can create a carousel. You can place this carousel review on the product page, and the customer does not have to click on each review just to be able to read it.

3. Discounts for Reviewers

To encourage customers to leave a review, you can offer a discount code, which they can use on their next purchase. Naturally, a customer is going to rate you with a high-star rating. Why wouldn’t he?

As you can see, any customer who is not satisfied with the product is not going to be interested in the discount you offer. What this means is that a person is happy with the service, he would want the discount and leave a positive review to get the code.

You can program this in the app. The Loox app will automatically recognize the customer’s identification and offer the discount only for that customer. You can also program the discount coupon to expire on a day you want.

4. One-Click Set-Up

Installation does not have to be a pain. The Loox app is easy to install and integrate. It takes only one click to install the app, and it is going to integrate with all your product pages.

To find the Loox app, you can register from the company’s website or go to the Shopify app marketplace.

The Loox app is ready for use right away. There is no need to tinker with the code of your theme.


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5.Reply and Moderate

You have the power to approve the reviews left on your Shopify store. If you think the review was not fair, then do not publish it. Sometimes we cannot help but be trolled, so it is great to have this feature to protect our businesses.

If you approve the review, you also have the option to reply to it. Replying to customer feedback is one of the most effective ways to build a relationship. Make sure your replies are personalized instead of crappy canned “thank you messages”.

6. Import AliExpress Reviews

This is probably one of the most beneficial features that dropshippers would love. If you are sourcing your product from AliExpress, you can program Loox to grab or scrape reviews from the exact product page of your supplier from AliExpress.

This is great if you are part of the AliDropship program. You program the Loox app and balance the number of one-star to five-star reviews that it is going to take. You can also choose only those with photos or those without or both. You need this if your store has no sales yet.

7. Automatic Email Reminders

You can set the Loox app to send email reminders to your buyers to leave a review. This is a great automated tool to help you get more reviews, especially for people who do not make it a habit to leave online feedback.

In some cases, customers want to leave reviews, but they forget about it. Emailing them is a great way to make them take action. You can also use this automated email to tell them about the discount if they leave a review.

Also, you can personalize the email by adding your brand logo. It is also up to you to change the questions in the email survey according to your preference.

8. Compatibility and Customization

The great thing about Loox is that it works on all Shopify themes. It is mobile-responsive and will change or adjust its user interface if the customer browsing your site is using a mobile device.

google shopping 1

As the store owner, you can customize how your review sections look. You can change the fonts and their colors, plus you can also adjust how you want to position the app.

9. Product Rating Widget and Pop-Up

If you want the review section to pop-up, you can make this happen from the control panel of Loox. It is up to you if you want to show the widget in your collection pages or on your product page.

Loox Price

So, how much does it cost?

The Loox app is free for 14 days, like the Shopify 14-day free trial. Once the 14 days are over, you have to choose a plan. This is great because you do not have to pay right away. You can test the app first before you buy it.

side bar 1

The app has three price plans. These are:

Basic – $9.99 per month. At this plan, you can send up to 100 email reminders, create discounts, have the widgets and the Happy Customers page. You also get the Loox pop-up and inline SEO feature.

Advanced – $29.99 per month. This plan has a maximum of 500 emails per month, all the features from Basic, integration with PushOwl and Recart, plus all Loox widgets.

Pro – $59.99 per month. Apart from the features of the first two plans, you will get a maximum of 1,500 email request per month. You will also have the liberty to customize your widgets. And most importantly, you can integrate the app with your Facebook Shop and Google Shopping.

Why should you use Loox?

An app like this is the ultimate way to show social proof. But apart from that, here are the benefits of using the Loox app.

Credibility – customers who see reviews on websites feel that the store is trustworthy. They trust what other customers say, especially those who have already spent money on your store.

More sales – you can use the app to convince the customer to buy more. You can do this with the discount method or use the email campaigns as an information driver.


Loox is one of the apps that you need to include in your store. It works best if you are dropshipping from AliExpress because you can scrape your supplier’s listing for reviews.

This is crucial if your store has not opened yet, as you can make your website a lot more credible than if it is empty with no reviews.


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