How to Create eBook on Sqribble Without Writing

How to Create eBook on Sqribble Without Writing

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In one of my blogs posts, I showed several reasons why an eBook is necessary for your e-commerce business. A free eBook is still one of the most effective and attractive lead magnets—you give something free in exchange for a site visitor’s email address.

Once you have an email list, you get to market your products or services to targeted people.

Today, I will show you how to make an eBook without writing the content on a tool called Sqribble. If you need to know more about Sqribble, you can read my product review here:

Sqribble Review: Make an eBook in Minutes without Writing


Do not copy someone else’s work. If you do not want to write, you can use content from the Sqribble tool. These materials are called PLR or Private Label Rights. They are free to use by anybody.

You can also get PLR content from PLR websites. Most of them are free, and some of them are sold for a decent price. Another option you have is to pay a ghostwriter, or just use your old blog posts and re-purpose them to an eBook.

When readers buy products and services discussed on our site, we earn affiliate commissions that support our work.

How to Create eBook on Sqribble Without Writing

STEP 1: Log in to your Sqribble Account

The screenshot below is how the Sqribble dashboard looks like. At the top is your control panel. Now, you have to click on PROJECTS > CREATE NEW PROJECT as shown below.

step 1 1

step 1 a 1

STEP 2: Choose a template

After clicking on Create New Project, you should see a list of templates. As you can see from the screenshot below, there are more than 60 templates you can use.

step 2 1

If you want, you can select from the category drop down found on the upper right side of your panel. In this tutorial, I will choose e-business and e-marketing. Then, I will choose Easy Email Marketing.

step 2a 1

NOTE: This does not mean that your eBook is about email marketing. In this step, we are merely selecting the eBook cover.

Step 3: Decide if the template you selected is a good fit

After clicking on the template, a pop-up window would show a carousel of how the eBook is going to look like inside. Scroll to the left and right to view how the eBook is formatted.

step 3 1

step 3a 1

Step 4: Close the window and click Use

If you like the template, you have to exit from the carousel and then click on the Use button below the template. This will take you to a new window where you can enter the details of your project.

step 4 1

The project name does not have to be the title of the book. It is up to you how you want to organize your projects by name.

Once this is done, choose whether you want to use the Legacy Editor or the FreeHand Editor 2.0. The difference between these two is that the FreeHand Editor 2.0 gives you much more room to edit the eBook. In short, it is a manual editor.

step 4a 1

In this tutorial, we will use the FreeHand Editor 2.0. Once you have made this selection, click Next.

Step 5: Choose the source of the content

There are five options to put content on Sqribble:

  • Grab from URL – use this if you want to copy the content from a blog post or a web page source; this is useful if you already have a published long-form content in your blog that you want to convert into an eBook
  • Create Your eBook – this option is a blank slate where you will type your book manually in the Sqribble tool
  • Copy/Paste Content Manually – you can copy and paste content from any source such as a word text editor or a web page
  • Upload Word/Text File – use this if your eBook content is in MS Word format or .TXT; this is by far the best option because you can format the text before you upload it to Sqribble.
  • Start from Article Collection – choose this if you want your content to come from Sqribble’s library of PLR content.

step 5 1

In this tutorial, I will choose Start from Article Collection. Please note that you must do this only if you are not in the writing industry.

As far as I am concerned, I do not do this at all as I am a freelance writer and educator. It’s such a shame to get PLR and distribute it as my own because my primary profession is writing.

In any other case, using PLR is a smart move for online entrepreneurs. Again, I have to emphasize here that you should never copy someone’s work and pass it as your own. You will get into legal trouble if you do that. I am not even going to talk about credibility and integrity; you already know about that.

If you need someone to write for you, you can get services like this from online marketplaces like Fiverr. I also offer writing services for eBooks, article, product descriptions, and so much more. You can view my services on my personal website.

Or, you can visit Fiverr here and look for freelancers who can ghost write for you.

Here is a piece of advice: never work with any writer who would charge you extra for the MS Word file, or writers who will charge you extra for you to own the copyright to the material. Writers like that are greedy.

The price you pay for must already include the copyright ownership—your ownership.

Also, you must do what you can to investigate if the writer can deliver. Do not hesitate to put writers to a test. The last thing you want is to hire incompetent writers who cannot deliver what you expect.

I may sound harsh for saying this, but these problems are real. I have had several clients who complained to me about these issues, and I have seen first-hand how terrible the materials were.

And the clients had to pay these writers, even if they were not happy.

When they found me, I had to re-write the materials. Most of the time, I just told the client that I would start from scratch. Re-writing the content was just too much work—impractical work—and I rather that I wrote the about the topic from ground zero.

screenshot 1 2



Step 6: Choose the article

After clicking on Next from the previous step, your window is going to look like this:

step 6 1

As you can see, there are lots of materials that you can choose from in various niches. Let us say that we want to give free eBooks about ACNE because we are operating an ACNE-cure website.

Once you click ACNE on the left side, the middle panel would show you the different articles. You can read them or click on the radio buttons to the right.

step 6a 1

What I want to do is to read the article Acne Skin Care: 8 Tips to Follow. After clicking on View Article, here is what we would see:

step 6b 1

Now, this article is only 541 words long. It is too short for an eBook. What we can do is to just get all the acne articles and roll them into one book.

In this case, we will use the eBook title “Acne 101: All You Need to Know About Acne”.

For now, I will show you how to add one article to the book. You can redo this steps on your own if you want to put all the acne articles in your eBook.

Step 7: Exit out of the article

If you click on View Article, the article will open on a new tab or window. Just close that tab or window and get back to the list of articles.

Now, you may be thing, why not just click all the radio buttons? Well, this is not an option because Sqribble can only let you chose one article at a time.

For now, I will choose the second article as this seems like a good first chapter for the eBook. Once you have made that selection, click Finish.

Here is what you will see next:

step 7 1

On the screenshot above, I already scrolled down to the table of contents. The top of the page is the eBook cover, which is not yet edited. If you scroll down further, you will see the content as shown below.

step 7a 1

Step 8: Edit the eBook

step 8 1

What you can do from here is to visit each page of the eBook, and then edit each page. I will start with the eBook’s title.

As you know, we have selected an eBook cover that shows a computer, which has nothing to do with ACNE. This is not a problem as you can change the image by clicking it, going to the left side panel, and uploading a new one.

step 8a 1

Step 9: Add new content

As I mentioned earlier, we can add several articles from the PLR list of Sqribble. In this case, I will go to the top menu > Add New Content > Start from Article Collection.

step 9 1

Just repeat the process earlier in choosing an article. In this case, I will choose Article Skin Care: Tips to Follow, and then click Add Article.

step 9a 1

Finally, we have two types of articles in our eBook.

step 9b 1

Step 10: Edit your Table of Contents

As you can see from the screenshot below, the new article was not added to the table of contents.

step 10 1

To make changes, go the upper left side of the panel, click on ELEMENTS. Now, you will see all the elements of the book. In the Table of Contents section, hover your mouse over the labels. You would see which one it is linking to, and then simply click on the CLONE button.

step 10a 1

Once you clone each part of the table, edit the contents as shown below:

step 10b 1

To move the elements around to align then, just click on the elements and chose the crossed directional arrows.

step 10c 1


The last step is to click on Generate eBook at the top right. Choose Legacy Method, and then select the format you want. The eBook will be downloaded to your computer, which you can now distribute to your site visitors in exchange for their email.

final 1

final a 1

final b 1



Making an eBook in Sqribble is really easy. You can use the tool to create lots of eBooks that you can give away for free. The more eBooks you give out, the more site visitors are going to sign-up to your email list.

Always remember: never plagiarize someone’s work! Write your own eBook or hire a ghostwriter to do it for you.

If you like Sqribble, or if you want to know more, visit their website here: Sqribble eBook Maker.

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