The 3 Best Online Logo Makers for Your Business

The 3 Best Online Logo Makers for Your Business

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You can never build a brand if you have no logo, and this is why you need the best online logo makers. Your logo is what people remember, and it is what makes an impact on your site visitor. It is the brand that people will eventually become proud of wearing or sharing.

But how will you make a logo if you are not a graphic artist?

To make a logo without learning how to do graphic design, you can use logo maker tools that are accessible online. There are tons of them, and we will review three of the best ones. Two of these are free, and one would charge you for the files before you can download them.

These 3 logo makers are:

  • Logo Maker
  • Wix
  • Hatchful

But before we talk about the best logo makers online, let us see what makes a successful and effective logo.

What makes an effective logo?

From the iconic golden arch of McDonald’s to the hidden arrow of FedEx, there is no shortage of effective and memorable logos in the world. There are so many great logos out there that you can even download quiz apps dedicated to guessing the logo name.

But what makes a great logo? A great logo must have the following characteristics:

  • Simple
  • Memorable
  • Timeless
  • Versatile
  • Appropriate

Let us take a look at each one.


What is a simple logo?

What this means is that the design must be easily recognizable. Forget about lots of lines and futuristic styles. A logo must be simple, which means it should not be overdrawn. Experts agree that when designing a logo, you have to use the KISS principle, which stands for Keep It Simple, Stupid.

2. Memorable

Following the simple design, it has to be memorable. It you look at the logo of McDonald’s, it is nothing more than a simple arc, which represents the letter M. This letter is easy to remember, it is distinct, and it is clear.

If your logo is overdrawn, it would be too difficult for a person to remember it. To make your logo memorable, it must be something that a person can relate to day-to-day objects—Nike’s logo is a simple swish, the NBA is that of a person dribbling, Apple has an apple with a bite, and windows has four squares.

3. Timeless

To make your logo effective, it has to be timeless. What does this mean?

Stick to symbols that people know, and symbols that will stick around. Do you think the logo will stand the test of time? How will people react to it for the next 20 years?

If you need to learn more about designing an art that is timeless, I recommend using symbols that have been around for ages—symbols that any person can recognize, and then tweak it to your brand’s personality.

4. Versatile

Versatility refers to how your logo can work across various media. Does it look good in print, on a box, and a computer?

The logo must be recognizable even if you remove the colors. The logo design must also be recognizable even if you make it small. The logo you create must be scalable. If there is anything on the logo that is no longer recognizable when it is scaled down, change it and use something else.

5. Appropriate

If you look at the logo of Toys R Us, you would immediately understand what appropriate means. The font used is one that reminds you of kids. In a formal clothing line, that same font would be inappropriate.

Being appropriate has little to do with symbolisms. As you can see, you do not need the symbol of a teeth if you are a dentist. You do not need the photo of a coffee if you are a coffee shop (think Starbucks).

If you think about it, the Apple logo has nothing to do with computers. Nike’s logo has nothing to do with feet, and the logo of Virgin Atlantic has nothing to do with planes.


The 3 Best Logo Makers

1. Logo Maker


logo maker 1

To start using this, you need to enter the details of your company such as company name and tagline. Next, you have to choose up to three logo styles as shown below.

logo maker 2 1

The next step is to select the font, followed by the format of how you want your logo done. For example, you can choose if you want the icon to be above the text or below it, or if you want the icon to sit on the right or left.

logo maker 3 1

The last step in the process is to choose from the auto-generated logo and then download it. Before you can download the logo, you have to finalize what fonts you want to use. This can take a while, and then you have to save it.

logo maker 4 1

As you go through the process of saving, the system would ask you if you want a business card with it. You cannot download the logo without registering for an account.

Visit Logo Maker.

2. Wix Logo Maker

COST: $20 to $50

wix 1

Wix is a web-building platform, but you do not have to build your website here to be able to create a logo. Wix only supports Chrome, Mozilla, and Firefox.

You cannot make a logo with Wix unless you sign up for a Wix account. If you build your logo with them, one option you have is to sign in via Facebook or Google if you do not want to sign up for an account.

To start designing, you have to type your business name and tagline, then add your business industry or niche. Next, you have to choose how you want your logo to look and feel.

wix 2 1

After that, you will be presented with several samples, until the algorithm can finally understand what you want.

wix 3 1

Finally, the logo generator will show you several options. You can choose one and then customize it even further. You can adjust the font style, and size, and even move the icon placement.

wix 4 1

Finally, you can either download the logo or get the logo + a website.

Visit Wix.

3. Hatchful


hatchful 1

This is a product of Shopify. The first thing you have to do here is to select your business niche, followed by a selection of how your logo would feel.

hatchful 2 1

hatchful 3 1

After this, you can now type your business name and slogan. The slogan is optional. Next, you have to choose where you would use your logo, and you will finally be presented with options.

hatchful 4 1

Click on the one you like and the website will take you to the editing screen. You can edit the font, color, icons, and names.

hatchful 5 1

Once you are done, click the download logo button. You will be able to download a lot of your logo versions for different social media channels. You have to be a member to be able to download, so just complete the sign-up form.

Visit Hatchful.


Your logo is what shoppers will remember you by. Make it simple and memorable. If you are just starting out, I recommend that you use free logo makers.

As a small business, you have to ensure that your logo does not infringe any copyright. If you get big and people begin to recognize your brand, the last thing you want is to change your logo.

Invest your time and money on a good logo. If you are using free logo makers, try to make several designs and then sleep over it. Make a decision after a few days to ensure that your choice was objectively selected.

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