3 Effective Ways to Start Your Shopify Dropshipping Store

3 Effective Ways to Start Your Shopify Dropshipping Store

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An online business can become a lucrative one, and this may just take you away from your daily 9-5 grind. The thing is, building one is much harder than you think. So how do you Start Your Shopify Dropshipping Store?

Despite what many people say, it is not easy to build a Shopify store, especially if it is your first time doing it.

After taking a dropshipping course, you are now inundated with information. You become confused, and now you are as lost as ever before.

So how do you get started? The three ways to get started are:

  • Build a Shopify store yourself
  • Buy a Shopify store from the ExchangeExchange
  • Buy the services of a Shopify builder

We will take a look at these three, and weigh in on the pros and cons of each choice.

Before we start, I want to emphasize that you cannot put up an online business if you keep on planning. An online business requires action.

Unless you get started now, you will never begin your e-commerce journey, and you are not going to learn.

The result? You waste years of waiting and learning, instead of grinding, learning, making mistakes, and eventually succeeding.

1. Build a Shopify store yourself

Building the store yourself is the most affordable way to go. You are in full control of how your store is going to be set-up, but you have to brace yourself as this is easier said than done.

shopify 4 1

If you build a Shopify store, you need to prepare or do the following:

  • Select a theme
  • Understand how the theme works and what the features are
  • Prepare your images, slider photos, and videos
  • Prepare your documents such as About Us, T&C, Privacy Policy, etc.
  • Standardize all product images
  • Upload or integrate apps
  • Create your business plan
  • Upload the product images
  • Write the product descriptions

And so much more!


  • You are in control
  • Most affordable


  • Can take you weeks to complete
  • You must know how to do graphic arts
  • You will waste your Shopify subscription while the store is being built

While it is true that you can build a store less than 30 minutes, one should not forget that there are so many nuances in building a professional Shopify store.

It will take you weeks to completely upload your product images, write your product descriptions, and make the store ready for customers to see.

The other problem that can arise here has something to do with creativity. I have seen my fair share of Shopify stores out there that lack cohesiveness.

Without a plan, you will end up tweaking your store again and again. You are also prone to integrating a lot of apps that can slow down your store or apps that contribute to bad customer experience.

As a result, you spend your time experimenting instead of marketing.

Another issue is that you may not know how to edit photos or create ones that would make your store uniform. I have seen so many shops whose hero banners look awkward against their collections pages.

Ready to build your store?

2. Buy a Shopify store from the Exchange

The next option is to buy a ready-made store from the Shopify Exchange. If you did not know yet, Shopify has an Exchange marketplace where people who have Shopify stores can sell it to those who are interested.

maket 1

The prices of these stores vary, and you will be surprised to see stores that sell for thousands of dollars. The reasons for these merchants for selling a store vary. The most common are:

  • They do not want to dropship anymore
  • The store is not earning money
  • They are venturing to a new business

Note that all of these stores are active, and you can see how much each store is earning. Since the ExchangeExchange is owned by Shopify, the dales numbers here are accurate.


  • Stores look professional
  • Many stores here have a good sales record
  • You are protected by Shopify
  • There are handover rules to protect you and your money
  • You can launch your store really fast


  • Expensive

By far, buying your store from the Exchange is the fastest and easiest, but this is also the most expensive.

It is expensive because apart from buying the store, you are buying its sale performance, its traffic performance, and its customer base.

Believe it or not, there are stores that average revenue of $241k per month, and then profit of $100l per month.

And the price if you buy it?

$1 million!

Certainly, not a lot of people can afford that.

The worse thing that can happen is that you buy a high-performing store, but you have no experience whatsoever in marketing, so the store is going to tank.

It is still a lot better to build your own if you are just starting out, as you do not have to invest too much on capital.

Also, do not expect a lot of support from people who sold you the store. They are selling a store, but servicing you is not part of what you pay for. What this means is that they will turn over their files and photos, but they will not teach you how to operate it.

3. Buy the services of a Shopify builder

This is the third choice, which is a balance between the first two options. You need to look for a Shopify store builder and have this person build it for you.

I do this myself, and the great thing about the service I offer is that you do not pay your Shopify subscription fee until I hand you over the store. I offer different price points to fit the budget of different online entrepreneurs.


  • You do not waste your time building your store
  • You do not spend a fortune to get your store done
  • You can ask the builder to customize it for you
  • You receive a fully functional store during the handover


  • Can take a while, in the same manner as it would take you to build your own store

At the base plan, I build a Shopify store for as little as $99. At this price, you get the following benefits:

  • Landing Page | Home Page
  • About Us Page
  • Collection Pages
  • Dropshipping Tool Integration
  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms and Conditions
  • 15 Products
  • Product Descriptions
  • Theme Set-Up
  • Set-up Payment Gateway
  • 1 Plug-ins | Apps

The store will be built within 30 days.

You do not have to register for a Shopify subscription yet. Once I hand over the store to you, that is the only time that Shopify would start to bill you.

Also, that is the time you have to choose what plan you are going to buy from Shopify.

If you are not sure which Shopify plan to subscribe to, you can read my blog below:

Shopify Pricing: What Are the Different Features Between the Plans?

How do you start your Shopify dropshipping Store: Summary

Building a Shopify store has to start somewhere. Once you have taken a dropshipping or e-commerce course, it is time that you apply what you have learned.

And the first step is building a store that works.

Do not be afraid to make mistakes. Everybody does that.

What really matters is that you take the problem by the horn and find solutions to the problems that come along the way.

I can help you get started with your Shopify store. If you need more information, contact me, and we can discuss your project.

Act now. Or act never.


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