Shopify Supply Theme Review: Best for Dropshipping Stores?

Shopify Supply Theme Review: Best for Dropshipping Stores?

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The competition in the online shopping world is fierce. Customers have too many options and you need to stand out to reach your desired audience in your niche.

As such, you have to consider a lot of factors as you structure your online store, one of which is the theme.

One of the most important considerations is its appearance. First impressions last and you would need to maximize what you can from the impression—and it has to be a positive one.

And this is where the Shopify Supply theme review can help you. Today, we will discuss:

  • Why is a theme important?
  • What is the Shopify Supply theme?
  • Shopify Supply theme Styles
  • What are the features of the Shopify Supply theme?
  • What are the other functionalities of the Shopify Supply theme?
  • How do you customize the Shopify Supply theme?
  • What do customers say about the Shopify Supply theme?
  • How does the Shopify Supply theme compare with other themes?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Shopify Supply theme?

Let us get started!

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Why is a theme important?

The overall feel and appearance of an online store should be bold. Customers should know immediately what you are selling, and who you are servicing. Apart from knowing what to sell and how to sell it, it is equally essential that you identify your target market.

Once you identify your market, you need to figure out how you want to be perceived inside and outside your niche.

Shopify themes are not easily changed. Once you choose a theme, you cannot switch to a different one without re-uploading all your photos and content.

As such, you will need to choose your first theme wisely keeping in mind what your store is about and who your audience is.

If you want to leave an impression that you have all the products your customers would need, but you also want to be sleek and organized, the Shopify Supply theme may be a viable option for you.

This Shopify Supply theme review will tackle the overall appearance, styles, features, and functionalities of the Shopify Supply theme. It will also try to determine who would best benefit from the theme. We shall also compare it with other similar themes found in the Shopify platform.

What is the Supply theme?

The Shopify Supply theme is true to its name. It is perfect for online stores featuring a huge supply of single-category or similarly related products.

supply 1

At the top of the page, every single style features a menu, a search bar for the products, and an icon for the shopping court.

It is inventory-focused and it is perfect for hobby or sports stores. There are several rows of photos of products, and rows of collections may also be featured.

The theme would also benefit single-category products and specialty stores selling over 50 products. If you have much fewer products, though, it is better that you use the Narrative theme or the Minimalist theme better.

Shopify Supply theme styles

The Supply theme comes in two styles: Blue and Light.

Blue is cool-toned while Light is warm-toned. They feature different font styles and have different layouts but maintain the same features.

Although there are fewer style options for the Supply theme than other themes, Blue and Light are both aesthetic and clean.

Their color schemes do not compete with the body of the webpage, and they are particularly designed to present your products boldly.


Blue features a solid-colored header and a body with a white background. At the top left of the page is the logo of the online store.

blue 1

At the top right are the search bar and the shopping cart icon. There is also an option for “log-in with” or “sign-up for” the customer’s store account. The menu for the product categories is horizontal.

At the top of the body of the page, there is a slideshow option for featuring top products, or possible score discounts. Below that are rows which may be used for viewing collections of different products.

The mobile version of the style minimizes the menu and places it at the top left of the page. A smaller version of the slideshow is also featured as well as the rows for the product collections.

This style is perfect for gadget stores or other neutral-colored products. You can also add more flavor to this style by uploading photos with color palettes which complement this blue and white style.


Light features a solid-colored menu. At the top right is also the store logo and name. The search bar and the icon for the shopping cart are placed at the same areas for easy identification.

light 1

The horizontal menu is below the header. Like the first style, there is a slideshow at the top of the webpage with linked images. You can create rows for product collections.

Light’s mobile version is similar to Blue. The only difference is the color palette and the color of the header.

Light is ideal if you want to have a more rustic feel to your shop. If you want to feature a huge amount of apparel, this should be your style of choice.

What are the features of the Shopify Supply theme?

Themes provide not just a set color palette but also unique features. When choosing a theme, it is also important to take note of its features.

Read below and find out about the key features of the Shopify Supply Theme.

1. Built for large catalogs

Everything about this theme screams “we might just have what you are looking for!”

The menu bar is at the top of the page rather than on the side to allow the customer to scroll down if they need to find any specific product.

large catalogs 1

The search function is located at the very top of the page so customers can easily do searches without having to browse further. Customers are given the option to view products based on category.

If you do not have many products, this theme is not advised. It can make your collection look much sparser and you won’t have many design options.

To make the most of this feature, it is best to add high-resolution photos, and to ensure that the color scheme of each particular photo is consistent with the rest of the website.

2. Collection filtering in sidebar

The main menu also features a drop-down menu which allows you buyers to view subcategories to further narrow down their search. It also saves space and clears the area of clutter. It also looks sleeker.

Before proceeding to edit your menu, it would be best to figure out how your customers typically search for products.

You should make the most common categories seen first. For less common categories or products, you may add them in the drop-down menu.

3. Slideshow

You have the option to add huge images with link to allow buyers to quickly view any announcements or featured products.

slideshow 2 1

It is also a great space to improve your store’s branding. Spaces for large images are perfect for adding high-resolution photos to give customers a closer look at your products or for the customer to get an impression of your store.

Slideshows can be either appealing or bothersome. You have the option to edit the transition time of your slideshow.

Add beautiful images on your slideshow to spark your customers’ curiosity. You can also use this feature to your advantage by highlighting any big deals such as discounts or free delivery.

4. Featured collections on home page

You cannot have too many collections. And with this theme, you may add the top ones on your home page.

featured collection 1

There is a link on top of every row to allow the customer to view all the collections. This is the perfect way to organize your products according to your target market’s needs.

What are the other functionalities of the Shopify Supply theme?

The following functionalities are present in all Shopify themes. This review, however will talk about how the functionalities play out specifically with the Supply theme.

1. Customizable content sections on home page

Although you are limited to the content sections provided by the specific theme that you choose, you are still free to edit those sections to your liking.

For the Shopify Supply theme, you have the option to customize the header, footer, product pages, and collection pages.

2. Mobile-friendly design

All Shopify themes take into account the mobile version of the webpage. However, not all themes are the most ideal for mobile devices. The Supply theme is designed to change and apply the right user interface depending on what device your customer is using.

mobile 2 1

3. Search engine optimization

This functionality allows your website to be easily searchable on a search engine. You just need to research about what tags and keywords are the most effective.

To complement the Supply’s compatibility with large stores, the search engine optimization features make your products crawlable and easily indexed by search engines.

4. Social media icons

Almost everyone stays connected using social media. Social media icons allow your content to be shared across the different social media platforms.

social media 1

Users do not need to manually copy-paste the link to their profile; they just have to tap the social media icon to share your items.

The Supply theme allows you to add those social media icons on individual product pages.

6. Built-in styles and color palettes

The appearance of your online store is of great importance to your ability to sell. Shopify tries to lift your burden by dealing with the design so you can focus on the content of your online store.

The color palettes are already built-in so you won’t have to repeatedly test your customizations.

The Supply color palettes include navy blue and white for the Blue Style, and a warm brown and white for the Light style.

You do not have that many options to customize the color scheme but you are guaranteed that the available color palette is pleasing.

7. Free stock photos by Burst

Stock photos are of great help for new online stores. They help maintain a standardized photography for a newly-opened online store.

However, eventually, as you build your store and establish your image, you should stay away from stock images and use original ones.

How do you customize the Shopify Supply theme?

One of the things to consider in picking a theme is the ease of customizability. The Shopify Supply theme customization is fairly standard. Shopify themes are generally easy to customize but the options to do so would depend on the specific sections available to each theme.

Supply has 6 static sections:

  • Header
  • Footer
  • product pages
  • collection pages
  • collections list page
  • article pages

The dynamic sections include:

  • blog posts
  • collection list
  • featured collection
  • image with text
  • slideshow
  • featured product
  • newsletter
  • map
  • rich text
  • video
  • custom content

You have to use the theme editor to make customizations o the Shopify Supply theme. Here are some quick tips.

  • To add and modify your store’s content and layout, you may click on the “Sections” tab.
  • To customize the appearance of your store such as the font and color, click on the “Theme settings” tab.
  • To customize the Header, go to Sections then click header.
  • You may edit the logo in the header. The ideal size for the logo is 400px. The width may be changed in the “Custom logo width” field.
  • A message of up to 55 characters may be added by adding text in the Message area.
  • For the Footer, go to Online Store then Themes. Click on Supply, then Customize. From the Sections Tab, click on Footer.
  • Social media icons may be shown by clicking on the corresponding box.
  • Payment options may be added as well. The default menu may be edited in “Edit menu”.

You may change the menu or create a new one. A maximum of 9 content blocks may be added in Content.
To edit the Product pages, go to Sections and then click Product.

Here are some more tips:

  • If you wish for the image to zoom once hovered on, click on “Enable image zoom”.
  • A quantity selector may also be shown. If the inventory is running low, you have the option to inform your customers by checking on the appropriate box. You may also show that the stock is sold out.
  • There is also an option to show product vendor, saved amount, the dynamic checkout button, social media icons, and related products.
  • You may also let your customers compare the prices of your store’s products.
  • Collection pages may be edited by clicking “Collection” in the “Sections” tab.
  • You can choose to show products per row as well as the number of rows per page. To sort filters, look for the “Sidebar product filters” section.
  • It is also possible to show price comparisons in this section as well as the customer’s saved amount.
  • Product Reviews may be enabled by installing the application.

If you want to customize your Feature collections, click on “Featured collections” from the “Sections” tab. From Content, click “Collection” then choose.

Here are some tips:

  • The slideshow may be edited by clicking on the “Slideshow” link from the “Sections” tab.
  • You may auto-rotate slides or edit the transition time. To add images, click “Image” from “Content”. Select the image then choose which image to add.
  • You may also choose to add a stock image.
  • Links may also be added on the slideshow.
  • In order to add a Newsletter, from “Sections”, click “Add section” then “Newsletter”.
  • You may add a heading for the newsletter box as well as a subtext.
  • YouTube or Vimeo videos may be added on your webpage by adding a “Video” section from the “Add section” link.
  • Custom content may also be added using HTML code. From “Sections”, click “Add section” then “Advanced layout”. Look for “Custom content” then click “Add”.

What do customers say about the Shopify Supply theme?

To pick a theme and decide if it is any good, we must take a look at what customers are saying.

Of the 48 reviews, only 65% were positive. The negative reviews mostly said that the theme was very slow to load.

This is can be explained by the number of images on the page. Because the theme was intended for huge inventories of at least 50 products, it is expected that several images are loaded per page.

You, however, are able to show all related products in one viewing. This theme is not for everyone. The positive reviews highlighted the ease of changing the theme and its versatility. This is a major point given the fact that it is a free theme.

How does the Shopify Supply theme compare with other themes?

Brooklyn is better for brand image-building. It is perfect for clothing stores. Unlike the Supply theme, it is better suited for small to medium-sized inventories.

Also unlike the Supply theme, there is more room to play around with high-resolution photos and designs.

Simple, like Supply, is perfect for stores with a huge collection of products. It is another great option if you wish to organize your large inventory.

The Light style is straight to the point and lets go of the huge banner or slideshow, which sometimes slows down loading time.

Unlike the Supply theme, however, there is more room for design on the Simple theme. This is because of the large image at the bottom of the page for the Toy style.

Minimal is clean and product-focused. It is ideal for small collections and has more content sections in the homepage.

It is one of the most popular free themes on Shopify and deservingly so. It is cleaner and has more style options than Supply.

Boundless is perfect for emphasis on photography. Though several high-resolution images are involved, the theme loads quickly. It is not, however, ideal for large inventories.

Narrative is great if you wish to tell the story behind your products. It is the complete opposite of the Supply theme because the former is perfect for one-product stores or inventions. There is a lot of space for the brand’s story and for showcasing photography.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Shopify Supply theme?

Now that we have explored several aspects of the theme as well as how it fares compared to other themes, we must now weigh in according to its advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages of the Supply theme are:

  • The theme is straightforward.
  • Your products and collections are immediately viewable on the homepage.
  • There is no clutter and customers won’t be distracted by unnecessary designs.
  • It is organized.
  • There are many ways to search for and filter through products.
  • Customers may use the search bar or the drop-down sidebars on the menu.
  • They may also view your products by collection.
  • The design is simple but still pleasing to the eye.

Although the focus of this theme is the organization, you still have the opportunity to build your brand by using high resolution photos and strategically using features such as Video and Slideshow.

The disadvantages of the Supply theme are the following:

  • There aren’t many ways to customize it.
  • After a while, the theme may seem boring.
  • Also, given that it is a free theme, several other online stores may also be using it.
  • Free themes are great but if they are associated with a poor store, then those impressions may affect how customers view your store.
  • It loads slowly.
  • The features are really limited.

Paid themes allow for much more features and are much more versatile on that regard.

My Rating

Overall, I rate this theme with 3.5 stars. It does the job for newly opened online stores as well as the veterans in online businesses.

The main focus of this theme is the product selection. If you have so many products to sell and you need to find the fastest and most efficient way to organize it, use this theme.

If you need support, you can always visit the Shopify Supply theme tutorial


The Shopify Supply Theme does a good job for huge inventories, but the caveat is that the loading time is much slower.

You are limited in your style choices. There is also some space for brand image-building through the Slideshow and Video features but then again, these options are quite limited.

One of the strong points of this theme is the fact that it is straightforward.

It does not mess around with customer experience, customers know that what they see is what they get.

This theme’s strong points still outweigh its weak points. Depending on your needs, other themes may be a better option.

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