Shopify Venture Theme review: best for small catalog stores?

Shopify Venture Theme review: best for small catalog stores?

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To build a Shopify store from scratch or use a theme? That is the question.

This Shopify Venture Theme review will uncover how the Shopify Venture theme makes life easier in the quest for a high-converting online store.

Do you sell high-quality products? Are they not flying off the shelves as quickly as you had hoped? One possible reason is that you are probably utilizing a Shopify theme that just isn’t optimal for e-commerce.

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Yep, I said it. Not every single theme ever built is going to suit online sales. Indeed, some themes were made to simply post products, photos, and prices without much thought.

User experience is a critical factor when it comes to selling online. When it comes to using Shopify to sell online, the theme of the store must make user-experience a paramount concern.

Let’s talk about how the Shopify Venture theme can save the day. In this review, we’ll investigate what this theme importantly offers and why it can help to turn your online into a success story.

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An Overview of the Shopify Venture Theme

The Shopify Venture theme is an online store platform. It can be downloaded or integrated with a Shopify store.

The Venture theme is bold and dynamic and is best used by companies that sell sports or outdoor-related equipment. Unlike other themes, Venture was designed specifically for entrepreneurs who have a large inventory of products to sell.

It enables entrepreneurs to quickly and easily add photos, product descriptions, web pages, and so much more. So, instead of laboriously building a website from scratch, this theme requires only that you add product photos and pricing so that your online store goes live as quickly as possible.

Here are some of the key features of the theme:

End to end slideshow

This means the banner at the top of the web page will not have any empty or white spaces. A customer looking at the store’s home page will instead see an interesting slideshow.

This feature is important because it immediately captures customers’ interest. Your photos should be the first thing customers pay attention to on your website. This is the best way to immediately gain the attention of buyers and inform them about the brand.

slideshow 3

Three Distinct Looks

The Venture theme allows you to choose from three different visual appearances called: ‘Snowboards’, ‘Boxing’ and ‘Outdoors’. Importantly, each style uses a different color scheme, allowing you to choose the right look for your brand.

The Snowboards theme communicates a laid back vibe through its use of gray as an undertone. Whereas the Outdoors theme features a bright, flesh-color as its basic color scheme. The Boxing theme, on the other hand, uses a dark and masculine tone.

three styles 1

Collections of Products

Using this theme means up to 50 different types of products can be uploaded. Furthermore, the theme allows you to create five collections of products as an easier way for users to search your entire product range.

Imagine your business sells parts for bikes. Obviously, it’s going to be important to showcase your line of bicycle wheels. Therefore, you would use Venture to create a wheels collection. When customers select this collection they will then be able to scroll through all the various bike wheels you sell.

Shopify Venture Theme Features

Venture was specifically designed to showcase your products in a bold and interesting way. Hence, it is loaded with features that make user experience central.

Besides the aforementioned functionalities, the theme also features other powerful functions that might make you ditch your current theme in favor of this one, especially if you want a higher conversion rate.

1. Multi-column menu bar

Usually, an online store features only one sub-menu which appears when users mouse hover on it. The multi-column menu bar function allows sub-menus to pop up on the right-hand side of the page as well as product photos.

Imagine that you want to display ‘Backpacks’ as one of the menu options. When a user mouse hovers on that word, four images of backpacks will appear on the right-hand side of the page, as will their prices.

This feature works well as it immediately lets customers view contents of collections. Again, the better the user-experience, the greater the chance of converting this into a sale.

sub menu 1

2. Slide Show

What sets the Venture theme apart from its competitors is its ability to feature multiple slide shows. The way this feature works is to ensure the slide show takes up the entire screen length horizontally, thereby making your online store look really enticing.

Using the Slide Show feature to upload positive and dynamic photos will not only advertise your product range but also your products’ qualities. A powerful subliminal tactic helpful in generating sales is to use photos of people happily using your products.

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3. Promotional Banner

As well as the Slide Show, a promotional banner is a great way capture customers’ attention. This feature is ideal to use for monthly promotions, or for discount codes that will entice customers with attractive savings.

The Promotional Banner feature can also be used to post important messages or to endorse global or national campaigns aligned with your brand.

promotiona banner 1

4. Promote a selected product

Venture also features a way of highlighting a specific product (in the center of the page). This is a powerful option for entrepreneurs who may want to offer a discount to sell old stock quickly. Alternatively, this feature could be used to promote a brand new item in the store.

5. Filtering

This is especially useful for store owners with large catalogs. By choosing their own search filters, customers can select the brands they want to search for as well as specify price ranges.

Thus, customers are provided with a rewarding user experience, saving them from the hassle of having to manually scroll through large catalogs of products.

If users find it easy to locate the products they really want, then they are going to be inclined to make a purchase decision, trusting in the fact that your online store is professionally designed.

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Other Features of the Shopify Venture Theme

The aforementioned features aren’t all you should expect using the Venture theme. In fact, this theme has all the most important functionalities required to design a Shopify store that really works.

Here are the other inclusions:

1. Customization

Feel like changing font types or sizes? Or what about color schemes to fit your brand’s personality? Go for it! This theme lets you do the lot.

2. Search Engine Optimization

An essential component of any online store. Without SEO, search engines are not going to display your store. The Venture theme allows you to change such things as the meta-titles and meta descriptions of your product pages, incorporating SEO keywords as appropriate.

3. Mobile-friendly

This theme was designed to be responsive. It responds seamlessly to the types of devices customers are using. When viewed on mobile phones or tablets, it will adapt the sizes of photos and fonts as well as navigation panels to suit the requirements of the user’s device.

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4. Social Media Badges

In this day and age every company must have a social media presence. It is never a smart move to forgo the opportunities social media provides in not only advertising products, but also in communicating with customers.

The Venture theme, easily allows you to add your social media pages (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) so that they are automatically displayed as part of the online store.

5. Footer

It could be easily overlooked, but a really important part of a successful online store is its footer. Here, customers can find important information about the store. The footer in Venture can be edited so as Shipping and Refund Policies can be added, and also an About Us information section or anything else deemed necessary.

Using the Venture theme means you can utilize a subscription service where visitors are invited to input their email addresses so they can be notified of new blogs, promotions or any news.

Admittedly, no one theme is going to be the best option for every single online store. The other option, of course, is to pay tens of thousands of dollars to web developers to create a fully customized website from scratch.

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What are the advantages of using the Shopify Venture theme?

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why this theme is one of the best.

It’s Free

There are many free themes in Shopify, but Venture is undoubtedly up there with the best. Normally, you would only get all the options that Venture offers by having to purchase a theme for upwards of $50.

Plus there aren’t any hidden subscription fees.

At the moment, there are many themes that appear to be offered for free. That is, of course, until you find out one day that your supposedly free theme cannot be used until you pay a subscription. Or, you cannot use some of the functions of a theme unless you upgrade.

This is a real bummer because once you now have to manually transfer all the products, photos, and information, etc. you uploaded to a new theme which is going to take up a lot of your valuable time and energy.

Designed for Shopify

Venture is designed specifically for use with Shopify. This means that its code runs flawlessly with the Shopify system. If there is an update to Shopify, then Venture will be automatically updated so it still functions smoothly.


Venture is an intuitive theme. This means that it’s fluid and will adjust to customers’ devices. It can detect the type of device the customer is using and it will adjust your online store’s page content to give the customer an optimized viewing and site-navigation experience.

Critical Feedback from Users

Overall, the theme has received approximately 50% positive feedback. What this means is that the Venture theme performs well in doing what it was designed for.

So, why are some people not happy with this theme?


It’s just not easy to change Venture’s coding. However, if you are a new Shopify user this won’t really be a critical factor for you anyway.

There is a possibility some users might want to construct a different shopping cart by manipulating the code of a theme. However, this cannot be done using the Venture theme.

The best reason to use a free theme, or any theme at all for that matter, is that you probably do not have the time or wherewithal to build a website from scratch. So why even bother customizing this theme’s code?

Photo Scaling

When this theme appears on smaller computer screens or mobile phones, the photographs will be cropped. Whilst only a negligible issue, there is scope for future improvement for the developer.

Scaling down photos requires more sophisticated programming. Because Venture is a free theme, some features must be sacrificed in favor of more necessary features.

Besides these issues, there are some demands for Venture to include features such as a shipping calculator tool. However, to expect these types of features in a totally free theme is a bit over the top.

Here’s a nugget of truth: themes are designed to give your online store its structure. Other more sophisticated features must be attained using marketing apps that can be integrated with Venture.

Shopify Venture Theme review Summary

No review is complete without a rating.

I’m going to give this 4 out of 5 stars. The Venture theme for Shopify is a great choice for newbies who have a large product range.

The reason being is that the Venture Outdoors theme capitalizes well on the use of photos. From the get-go, the Venture theme showcases photos well, helping to evoke a positive emotional response from customers, thereby inviting them to feel good about buying your products.


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