4 Reasons Why You Need a Webinar for Your e-Commerce Store

4 Reasons Why You Need a Webinar for Your e-Commerce Store

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Why do I need a webinar?

In 2014, I joined a company called WFMA. It is a networking company where you sell insurance policies to people. You get a commission after you made a sale. 

It was legit, as the products they offer were from legitimate insurance companies, like SunLife. 

I attended several seminars to learn about the product, and more importantly, how to make a sale. 

How many insurance policies did I sell? 

Doodley squat.  


Anyway, those seminars still exist today. However, the internet gave us more power—the webinar.  

Gone are the days when people were satisfied with learning from textbooks—even if the books were online.

Today, you are more likely to get a person’s attention if what you have to share is a video. This applies even in the academe. People find it more fun learning through video courses.

Today, I will discuss how webinars can grow your list of followers or subscribers, and ultimately push them down your sales funnel. 

But what is a webinar? How does a webinar work?

What is a webinar? 

Before the internet, many people set-up leaning events. These events were called seminars. People would register, and only a certain number of people could join the training.

A seminar is done live—with an expert at the forefront. At the end of each seminar, the participants would have learned something nee. Most of the time, these seminars are just primers about a business model, and they show the participants how it works, and what is in it for them.  

Today, you no longer have to conduct a webinar in person. You can schedule one live, and ask participants to join online. You do the webinar from your home or office, and the rest will join from their homes. 

But why do you need to conduct webinars? What happens in a webinar?

1. Webinars Position You as an Expert

Since you are teaching, anyone who visits your site will definitely think that you are an expert in your chosen field. In the e-commerce industry, this builds credibility. 

Even if your webinar is free, a subscriber still has to opt-in or enroll before getting your content. The mere fact that a person enrolled means that you are a trusted resource. And if a person registers, then you got his email address.

As an expert, you can use your webinar to: 

  • Tell people what you offer
  • Teach people a new skill; then offer a product or a service
  • Drive loyalty by facilitating a Q&A webinar
  • Introduce people to a new product
  • Teach people how to use your products
  • Show a live demonstration of your product

This gets better if you use tools like GetResponse. It is not just a powerful webinar tool, but it is also a reliable autoresponder.

But why bother when there is Facebook? 

Nope—Facebook does not make the cut. On Facebook, you will find participants, but you will not get their contact information. You will not get their email address. 

And if you do not know their email address, you cannot send them marketing materials to come back to your website, much less convince them to buy your products. 

2. Webinars Are Affordable to Set Up

A webinar removes the need for a physical space. With a traditional seminar, the number of your participants solely depends on how big your space is. With webinars, you can speak to literally thousands of people.

On top of that, you need to pay for the space where you will conduct your seminar. 

Just take a look at the hassle you have to go through if you do a seminar:

  • You pay for the space
  • You need to set up your microphone and projector
  • Each person has to register on paper
  • The people have to travel to get to the seminar
  • You need to print IDs
  • People would expect refreshments
  • You need to print books or handbooks
  • You need to offer free giveaways

All of these require cost, and you will be spending a lot of money to get participants, and you need to ensure that the participants get more than just the training. 

All of these because you are hoping that they will buy your product, become your brand ambassador, or be a part of your networking group. 

With a webinar that you can launch vi GetResponse, you do not pay for all of these things. You and your participants can come together in a live video in the comfort of your own home. 

Surely, you also need to give something to your participants. The most common webinar giveaway is a free eBook—something that pretty much sums up what you discussed in the webinar. 

If you have no time to write your own book, you can always get the services of an affordable copywriter to do this for you. 

3. Webinars Can Get You New Leads

Whenever a person enrolls in your webinar, you already got one foot in the door. 

This person has shown interest, and if he likes what you did, it is also very likely that he will start looking for your other products or services.

A webinar is a great way to start a relationship with potential future clients.

With tools like ClickFunnels and GetResponse, you can get the participant’s email address once he registers to the webinar. 

What do you do after that? 

With both tools, you can schedule an email to be sent after the webinar is over. This will help you maintain your relationship with your leads. 

If you use GetResponse, you can even create a sequence of emails to market your offer. It is up to you to choose the interval between these emails. 

You can also use the workflow automation where different emails will be sent depending on how the person behaved toward your email. 

How does this work? 

Let us say you send the first email, and the recipient did not open it. In this case, you can automate to send another email—a different email from the second email that you would have sent had the recipient opened the first one. 

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4. Webinars Speed Up Your Sales

When you conduct webinars, you are giving yourself an opportunity to increase your revenue through product sales. And for every sale, you grow your customer base.

The only way a company grows is through sales. Nothing is more important than cash flow. And to achieve great sales, you need to understand the value of time. Tools like ClickFunnels and GetResponse are your best allies in making your webinars come into fruition.

What is a webinar anyway? It is a live presentation. You can do webinars again and again if you want. 

In fact, you can even do a recorded webinar. Record your video and then upload it to either ClickFunnels and GetResponse

Once you have uploaded the video, you can schedule its release. You can now start marketing your webinar. The people who register will not see the video right away. They have to wait for the appropriate time to be able to access the video. 

Once your webinars are set up, you have also built trust and credibility. Once your webinar is over, you have added value to a person’s life.

And more importantly, you had given yourself that chance to handle customers’ objections even before they had the opportunity to ask.

The end result, of course, is a sale. On the flip side, you cannot expect everyone to buy. But on the bright side, every person, whether he bought your product or not, is a lead. 

You have his email address, and all it takes is to do follow-throughs by sending emails to remind your potential customers of a fantastic product in your offerings.

Tips to Have a Successful Webinar

Now, let me share some tips on how you can succeed in launching a webinar. 

1. Choose the right set-up – the right set-up includes the right location where there is no noise. You should also choose a microphone that is good enough to capture your voice—many microphones do not have noise reduction capabilities, so choose ones that diffuse outside noise.  

The right set-up also means that you should have a good camera—this includes a tripod, provided that you are going to use a whiteboard, or if you will conduct the webinar while standing. 

2. Prepare your lesson – this is crucial if your webinar is live. You need to be prepared—the last thing you want is to have people leaving your webinar while you are conducting your session.

Prepare notes, materials, and make sure all your supporting videos and screenshots are ready. You have to keep on practicing, and this is going to make you better at presenting. 

3. Use the Hook, Story, Offer – this is a sales technique popularized by Russel Brunson, the founder of ClickFunnels. 

Start your webinar with a bait, and then proceed with the story. This is going to keep your audience suspended, as they are going to wait for the end of your story. 

For the hook, start with statements that appeal to the emotion. For example, you can say something about not losing money, or say something about living a healthy life. 

4. Involve your audience – talk to your audience. While it is not possible to have them talk to you.

You can add a chat functionality that is going to allow them to ask you questions. Read the chat message and then provide you answer—not in chat, but spoken. 

Summary: Why do I need a webinar?

A webinar is one of the most powerful ways to get leads and improve your conversion rate. It does not matter what product you are selling—there is always something that you can share with your target market. 

The two most powerful tools that you can use today are ClickFunnels and GetResponse. While both of them cost money, you will certainly get your money’s worth.

You no longer have to learn about the technicalities of setting up a webinar—everything is done for you already. 


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