5 Tips on How to Create Product Pages That Convert

5 Tips on How to Create Product Pages That Convert

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After creating your store, the next challenge is making sales. While many factors can affect your conversion, such as marketing and SEO, one of the most impactful is your product page.

You need to create product pages that convert.

The product page is where your customer decides whether to buy or not. Think of this as your shelf. The sad thing is that many entrepreneurs do not pay attention to this.

Today, you will learn how to create product pages that convert. We will keep it simple, and keep it within five principles.

These are:

  • Create a good copy
  • Appeal to the customer’s emotions
  • Showcase product reviews or testimonials
  • Upsell complementing products
  • Re-stock items or replace them

Let us get started!

1. Create a good copy

Copy refers to the art of closing a sale in written form. This is what copywriters do all the time. Whenever you read printed ads, you are reading copy.

The copy starts with the headline. In blogging, the headline is the article title. But for product pages, you have to use the product name. But what you have to focus on is the product description.

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In your product description, do not just focus on features. Instead, focus on the benefits of what your product can do.

Let us say that you are selling drones. One possible feature is that it has a lithium-ion battery with 1,000mAh. This does not mean anything to your customer.

Instead, you have to be able to explain the benefit, such as 20 minutes of flight time.

  • Feature – 1,000 mAh lithium-ion battery
  • Benefit – 20 minutes of flight time

As you can see, a customer reading a copy that only has features will have no clue what these features do. But if you write a copy that clearly shows the benefit, you increase the chances of getting a sale.

Copywriting, in itself, is an art, and it rewires some serious thinking. If you want, you can outsource this task to a copywriter, and focus your efforts in marketing and customer service.

Learn the Secrets to Writing Copy That Converts.


2. Appeal to the customer’s emotions

As an entrepreneur, you need to understand that people do not buy a product. They buy an emotion.

They buy a lifestyle.

All the advertisements show a person who is happy, good-looking, and satisfied. This lifestyle is what people want, and this is why they would buy your products.

You can make your product pages more appealing by using lifestyle photos on top of stock photos.

g1119 1

In our drone example, you should not be surprised to see product photos that show nothing more than the product’s different angles, or the different parts and components like the remote control.

All of these are great. They provide credibility, and they show what a customer is gonna get. The thing is, they lack effectiveness.

What if you show a photo of a father and a son flying the drone? Don’t you think it makes more impact on the person’s buying decision?

The father and son tandem shows happiness, relationships, experience, love, and bonding.

If you really think about it, you would find it difficult to sell a rubberized swimming pool if you have no photos showing children swimming. The same thing goes with sports-oriented eyeglasses. A customer is likely to buy a sports eyeglass worn by a model hanging on a cliff—Mission: Impossible-style.

Appeal to emotion is what many entrepreneurs forget when doing their product pages. All basic information like stock product photos and features do not appeal to emotions, but they are necessary.

If you have no photos of this kind, use words. This is called emotional persuasion, and these words are also called trigger words.

Here are a few examples:

  • Magical
  • Romantic
  • Soft
  • Revolutionary

You can learn more about these trigger words from this blog post, or you can hire a copywriter to do it for you.

3. Showcase product reviews or testimonials

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Product reviews are social proof. They are evidence of the value you provide to your customers. Shoppers read product reviews before making a decision. These reviews affect how they perceive your product and your company.

To have this, you need to install plug-ins to your store, which would allow customers to leave feedback. This is also a great way to understand how well you are servicing your customers.

Choose an app that allows customers to upload photos and videos, not just text. People today know that text reviews are easily faked. There are entrepreneurs who can buy reviews in freelance marketplaces like Fiverr.

Social proof takes a while to build. Be patient, and you will eventually amass a volume of this over time.

4. Upsell complementing products

Apart from increasing your conversion rate, customers who know that they can buy complementary products are more likely to take action.

If you are selling a drone with no spare parts, your lead will move to another seller. This is where upsell and cross-sell plug-ins come to play.

g1243 1

Be careful when offering upsells and cross-sells, as this can become spammy. Do not cram a lot of products on the same page, as this is going to confuse your buyer.

The plug-ins you use must allow you to choose which products should be paired with another.

For example, you can upsell a pair of snow gloves while a customer is looking at a snowboard. Ideally, you should not upsell more than two products on a product page.

And remember, the product that is used to upsell must be relevant to the product on the page, or a variant of it. It does not make sense showing sweater if your customer is currently looking at a pair of eyeglasses.

You can show photos of other eyeglasses or a cleaning agent for the eyeglasses, but not a t-shirt.

5. Re-stock items or replace them

Nothing is more annoying than wanting to buy an item only to find out it is out of stock. If your item is out of stock, take it off your page or at least offer a date when you would re-stock it.

Remember, your online store is like a shelf. How would you feel if the shelves in a grocery are empty?

If an item is sold out, and you do not have a re-stocking date, the customer is going to leave and never come back.


g1171 1

Because people are risk-averse, nobody wants to experience the same frustration. This is why a customer who has had a bad experience in a restaurant or any store is not going to come back, despite telling them that the store’s service has improved.

An alternative to this is to offer the customer what you can do for them. On the product page, ask the customer to leave you their contact information, and you will notify them once the items are available.

Create Product Pages That Convert: Summary

Five simple tips. Five things that will improve your conversion rate. A beautiful e-commerce store is just the beginning. It is a basic expectation.

If no one is buying despite your massive traffic size, diagnose your product pages with these five tips. Take action and improve your product pages, and you can expect to make sales.

Your product pages are your display windows. No matter how great they look, you are not around to make them do the sales talk. It is why you need an effective copy.

You need to set yourself apart from dime-a-dozen product pages. Exert the effort and think from a customer’s shoes. The more effort you put in, the more sales will happen.


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