No One is Subscribing to My Email List: Why?

No One is Subscribing to My Email List: Why?

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All online entrepreneurs know that an email list is one of the most powerful things one can possess to increase engagement and sales.

“But why is it that no one is subscribing to my email list?” you ask.

Here are five reasons you need to start thinking about:

  • You have nothing to offer
  • You are not demonstrating value
  • You do not have social proof
  • You are spamming people
  • You are not making it easy to find your offer

Today, I will show you the top five reasons why people who visit your site do not opt-in to your email subscription, and also give you some advice how to fix it.   

An email list is a crucial part of a sales funnel, for it is the very same list of people who you can market to.

These people are already interested in your product, and selling items to them is a lot easier than selling to those who have never heard of your store before.

1. You have nothing to offer

If you are operating a dropshipping store, you may have wondered about one important issue:

“How to get people to subscribe to my website?”

While many store owners have an email subscription form somewhere in their landing pages, it is not uncommon that they use the same call to action buttons.

These are:

  • Join Our Newsletter
  • Join My Email List

These CTAs are boring. And while these CTAs are not wrong, they lack one important thing: the offer.

What do I get in return if I give you my email address?

Bloggers and those that operate websites offer courses, free content, or free tutorials. In the blogosphere, knowledge is what they offer.

But in a dropshipping or e-commerce store, knowledge is not what your customers are looking for. They are looking for something that is more tangible.

A great offer is a discount. In exchange of the email, why not give your customers a 10% discount on their first purchase?

Better yet, give them 25%.

It is up to you to decide how much you are willing to give, as it is you who knows your profit margins.

Once you have decided what to offer, change your CTA. Instead of saying “Join My Email List”, say something like “Subscribe and Get 10% Off!”

To make this happen, you need an auto-responder tool that you can use on your website, such as GetResponse.

If you are using Shopify, read my blog about the five best email marketing apps on the platform.

Once this auto-responder tool is set-up, you need to create a discount coupon at the backend of your store. Once you have created the coupon code, and named it, say DISC10%SUBS, you need to create an automated email response to each new subscriber.

Every time a new customer signs up, the auto-responder tool will send an email. That email should have that coupon code, which the customer can now use to buy your items with a discount.

And do not forget to set a limit, like it can only be used within 30 days from receiving it.  

2. You are not demonstrating value

What value do you offer in exchange of a site visitor’s email address?

Earlier, we talked about having no offer. But just because you have an offer does not mean it is interesting. In the blogging industry, entrepreneurs offer something that is not just interesting, but something really valuable.

Here are some examples:

  • Free exclusive tips
  • Free Access to E-Course
  • Free Checklist
  • Free Report

As you can see, most of these are free. The thing with dropshipping and an online store is you cannot offer things for free or you will lose a lot of money.

But certainly, you can offer FREE SHIPPING, can’t you?

You have to plan this ahead, and factor in the cost of the shipping to your retail prices.

Let us take a look at this example:

  • Product cost: $20
  • Shipping cost: $5

In this case, you have to price your product for $25 selling price. Then charge another $5 for shipping.

In total, a customer will pay $30. But if the customer joins your email subscriber list, he gets $5 off for shipping, so he pays only $25.

In this case, you will not lose money, as the shipping rate is already factored in your retail price. If you do not want to do this, it is up to you to do the math and make an offer at a small loss.

Another value that you can offer is a free eBook. But an eBook for what?

It depends. If you are operating a dropshipping store for magic paraphernalia and gadgets, then it makes sense that a customer would be interested in having a book that teaches him about how to do magic tricks.

This book about magic tricks should, of course, teach tricks that REQUIRE YOUR PRODUCTS to make the tricks work.

In this case, the customer will give you his email address in exchange for your eBook about magic tricks. Once he reads the tricks, he now has to buy your magic trick gadgets so he can practice the tricks.

But how do you even write an eBook? Where do you begin?

You can write an eBook in two ways:

  • Hire a copywriter
  • Use a software like Sqribble

Let us talk a little bit about these two.

Hire a copywriter

A copywriter can write you an eBook if you have no time to do it. You can get one for $100 with 5,000 words, but this does not include the book cover and the formatting. Overall, expect to spend between $150 and $300 per eBook.

Learn the Secrets to Writing Copy That Converts.


Use a software like Sqribble

Your other option is to use a tool called Sqribble. This is a software that has a ton of books with Private Label Rights. What this means is that you can re-sell them, or you can give them away and use your name as the author.

You can also write eBooks on this software by using the URL of blogs. The software comes with an editor, and the Pro version comes with a book cover templates that you can use.

Sqribble is a great tool if you plan to give away many eBooks, as you only have to invest less than $100 for the too.  

Is an eBook investment worth it?

Definitely. This is why almost all blogs offer it.

For an investment of $100, let us say that you build an email list of 1,000 people. If only 100 of these people buy for you and you make a profit of $5 for each person, then you would have netted $500 already.


3. You do not have social proof

What is social proof?

Many online store owners add the number of subscribers right below their opt-in forms. For example, below the CTA button is an RSS Feed icon that says “140,000 subscribers.”

Obviously, you cannot have this since no one is subscribing to your mailing list. So, what can you do?

If you have no subscribers, then you simply need to position your social proof in another angle. If you have been making sales, then use that number at the bottom of your opt-in.

Here is an example:

“Join 100+ satisfied customers!”

If you have no sale but you have traffic, you can say “Be one of the thousands of people who benefited from our website!”

You are not essentially lying, aren’t you? There is a thin line between a downright lie and proper positioning. What’s important here is that you are not making false claims.  

Another thing you can do is to ask for feedback from your customers, then use these feedback as a social proof. You can create small snippets of text plus your customer photos right below the email subscription form.

As your site visitors see these feedback, you become more credible, and they would find it easier to part ways with their email address in exchange of your offer.

4. You are spamming people

Have you ever been to a website that immediately pops-up an opt-in form? And then a few seconds later, a slider comes out from nowhere asks for your email address

This is terrible. And you should never do this.

It is called spamming. People come to your store to browse for products, or to read your store’s blog. The least thing you can do is to give your site visitors a breathing space. Do not spam them with offers.

Instead, put your opt-in form at the bottom if your post, on each page, and at the bottom of each product page.

If you bombard your site visitor with opt-in forms, they will leave your website and never come back. You see, opt-in forms are spammy and they are associated with junk, computer viruses, and malware.

You do not have to put an opt-in form manually on each page. What you can do is to have one page dedicated for your opt-in, and then just put links on each product page that will take the customer to that opt-in page.

That way, you do not have to manually change each opt-in on every page if you decide to change it. Just change the opt-in page, and then the links will direct the customers to that same page.

One exception to this is if you find a software that allow you to put an opt-in form on every page, which will also automatically change if you toggle something from the backend.

The only reason I prefer a dedicated page is just so that you have a good sales funnel which takes only interested customers to your opt-in page.

5. You are not making it easy to find your offer

I do not suggest spammy opt-ins for a dropshipping store. Perhaps some blogs can get away with it, but not for a store.

So, where is the correct placement if you are not going to use pop-ups and sliders?

Put a banner at the bottom of each product page. That banner must have nothing to do with the actual discount or offer, but it should rather encourage a site visitor to view your promotions page.

On that promotions page is your opt-in forms and offer, which you can change from time to time. In this case, you do not have to change the content of the banner on each product page.

That placement is not obtrusive. It does not pop-up, and it does not slide in. And yet, your site visitors can see it on every page without feeling spammed.

Summary: No One is Subscribing to My Email List

There goes our tips on how to increase your email subscriber list. Remember, the key things are:

  • Interesting offer
  • No spamming
  • Placement

Social proof may be hard to come by, but this will come to you over time. Focus on the offer and value that your site visitors can get, their browsing experience, and the placement of your email subscription form.

Over time, you will begin to see an increase in your list, and once you have hundreds or thousands, you can start sending valuable resources that will help you take them to your sales funnel, and eventually increase your sales.


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