How to Get Traffic from Pinterest to Your Online Store

How to Get Traffic from Pinterest to Your Online Store

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Pinterest is no longer an online scrapbook. Today, it is a massive search engine, and the people behind it have changed its algorithm way back in 2016. Now, Pinterest is more likely to show pins that link to resource pages, like blogs.

The only way to get traffic from Pinterest to your online store is to stay active and pin regularly. And the steps you need to accomplish to drive traffic are the following:

  • Create a business account
  • Use the right title and description
  • Pin at the right moment
  • Create the pin-worthy graphic images

If you are a blogger, or a dropship store owner, you are missing out a lot if you have not yet used Pinterest as a traffic source. Today, you will learn how to use Pinterest as a source of traffic, and what best practices are there to do it right.

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What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social media platform. The way it differs from Facebook and Instagram is that it acts like a bulletin board. So yeah, it is a digital bulletin board.

pinterest logo 1

In a school or office, people pin announcement and memos. People flock to these boards to find out what the pin is about, especially so if it is something of interest. The post on that board has details. If it is about a fraternity party, it has the place, time, and other details.

Pinterest works in the same manner, albeit it is a global network of people who post their pins on different boards. Each person can create a board, and then pin posts on that board.

Now, that pin is linked to something. It can be YouTube, a blog, or another website. If a person sees that pin and clicks it, he will be taken to the website of that pin

For example, someone will post a pin of a cooked turkey. If another person clicks on that pin, chances are his browser will take him to a website that has the recipe of that turkey.

The right time to post a pin is between 8PM and 11PM, according to a study. The worst time is during workhours. This makes perfect sense, as people are either driving or in the office during work hours.

What amount of traffic can you drive from Pinterest?

Now that you know how Pinterest drives traffic to a website, how much traffic can you get from here?

  • Pinterest has more than 300 million active users per month
  • 50% of all Pinterest users are not from the US
  • 80% of mothers in the US on the internet use Pinterest
  • There are over200 billion pins on the platform
  • Households with high income are more likely to use Pinterest than low-income households
  • People in college are twice as likely to use Pinterest than those who did not take college

What do all these mean for you? What this means is traffic. If you are operating an online store or a blog, you know that that there is a market of people out there who have high income, and people who have education who may be looking for just what you have to offer.

Steps to get traffic from Pinterest to your online store

Now, let us take a look at the steps to use Pinterest to drive traffic to your online store or your blog.

Create a business account

The First thing you have to do is to create a business account. A business account is free, and it will give you access to Pinterest Analytics. It is a powerful tool that can show you the number of impressions that you pins make, and you will also find out which of your pins are getting the most views and clicks.

  • Impressions – refers to the number of times your pins were shown to people
  • Engagements – these are actions that people took when they saw your pin such as saves, watch, swipes, and close-up views
  • Close-ups – this number refers to the number of times that people viewed your pin in close-up
  • Saves – a save happens when a person saves your pin to a board
  • Link Clicks – the number of times that your pins were clicked

On Pinterest, you can also post videos. The stats of your videos will also show in the analytics dashboard, such as the average watch time, what videos were viewed for more than two seconds, or the number of times that your videos were watched up to 95% of the content.

A business account is the only way to create your brand on the platform. Create a business account so you can integrate your website or other channels, such as Etsy, YouTube, and Instagram.

Create Boards

A board is like a category, and you can create as many boards as you want. To create one, click on your profile name at the top right of the page, then click on Profile.

On this page, click on Boards, then select Create Board.

boards 1

A board keeps your pins organized. Anyone who visits your board can easily find what they are looking for. For a dropshipping store, you can create different boards for different products.

Examples are:

  • Sneakers
  • Yoga pants
  • Yoga mats

A person viewing your boards may decide to view the Pants board. Inside this board are all your photos of pants. Each photo has a title, description, and a link to your store. 

Use the right title and description

Since Pinterest is a search engine, people come here and type keywords, hoping to find the right pin for what they are looking for.

No one can search your pins if you do not use SEO. The first order of the day, therefore, is to create an attractive headline.

Here are some tips to do this right:

  • Concise – keep your title straight to the point, and never use clickbait titles. Create a description that is short and sweet, but also provides what value you offer
  • Helpful – the description and title must make a person feel that he is receiving help. According to the platform, pins that offer help can increase engagement by as much as 30%
  • Interesting – make the description detailed and interesting, but still short.
  • Action – your description must have a call to action; invite people to do something about it. Call to action can increase your engagement rate up to 80%.

As always, SEO is the key here, and this applies to both blog posts and products. Also, the description should be no more than 200 characters so people can read it in full.

Let me show you an example of a pin that applies all these principles for a blog post.

Title: 7 Tips to Avoid Writer’s Block

Description: Find out how you can stay focused on your writing tasks. Read my post and learn how to be productive all the time! Let us look at our checklist below:

Concisecheckmark green png images 14 1The description is short
Helpfulcheckmark green png images 14 1The title offers help for writers
Interestingcheckmark green png images 14 1The description offers how one can be productive
Actioncheckmark green png images 14 1Call to action words used are “find out” and “read”

Here is an example for a product:

Title: Gold Plated Bracelet with Love Pendant

Description: Feel the luxury of gold on your wrist and display the symbol of love no matter where you are. Visit our store for more details!

And here is the checklist:

Concisecheckmark green png images 14 1Both title and description are straight to the point
Helpfulcheckmark green png images 14 1The description offers how one would feel if the bracelet is worn
Interestingcheckmark green png images 14 1The material is made of gold
Actioncheckmark green png images 14 1Call to action used is “feel” and “visit”

Do not forget to add a link to your website. Without a link, your engaged viewer will never get to your website.

Once you are done with the title, link, and description, choose the board where you want to pin that image.

screenshot 3 1

Pin at the right moment

When is the right time to post a pin?

The right time to post a pin is between 8PM and 11PM, according to a study. The worst time is during workhours. This makes perfect sense, as people are either driving or in the office during work hours.

On weekends, 8AM to 9PM ate the best times, as people are free all day to browse for pins.

Now, if you are targeting other countries, you have do some time conversion to find out what time your target audience is awake.

Having said this, you have to plan your posting schedule to make your pins more effective. There are many apps you can use to schedule your posts. Once such thing is Tailwind Tribes. In it, you can join tribes who share the same interest as yours.

They will re-pin your posts, and you can also re-pin their posts, therefore giving all of your pins more exposure and impressions. The more people see your pins, the higher engagement there is. 

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Create pin-worthy graphic images

Not all pins are created equal. There are this that look like junk, and there are those that meet the right conditions. The latter is what you want to drive traffic to your website.

Use the right size

Pinterest uses a vertical image design. The right aspect ratio of a pin is 2:3. What does this mean?

If the width of the image is one two inches, then the height must be three inches. Basically, the width is 2X the unit, and the height is 3X the unit.

If the image width is 1,000px, then the height has to be 1,500px, in this case, one unit size is 500px.

Two unit sizes of 500px is 500 x 2 = 1,000px

Three unit sizes of 500px is 500 x 3 = 1,500px

80% of pinners view your pins from a mobile device. As such, a vertical image is much more effective than a horizontal one. Better yet, make your aspect ratio longer.

screenshot 4 1

If you use a 2:4 aspect ratio, your pin image will typically be longer than the others. A longer image will grab a person’s attention, and it can boost your engagements much easier.

Use high-resolution images

Blurry images will not make the cut here. Can you imagine what you would do if you saw a blurry image of a turkey?


Your image must be crisp, and it must be stunning. Take a look at the examples below.

screenshot 2 2
screenshot 1 1 1

For blog post pins, make sure that the title of your blog post is in the image. If you do this, your blog’s headline is bolder than an image that has no text in it.

Here are some more tips how to create pin-worthy images:

  • Do not show faces – images with no human face can result to 24% more re-pins. On Pinterest, people are a lot more interested in seeing an object than a human face.
  • Use bright colors – dull colors will not make the cut. Use a lot of red, blue, and yellow.
  • Proper background – white and black backgrounds are dull and do not get a lot of re-pins. If your niche is recipes, then use a standard background for the image of the food, like a wooden table.
  • Light image – images that have a lighter tone perform 20x better than those that have dark tones. In short, avoid dark backgrounds and designs.
  • Make your brand visible – always put your brand on your pins, but make sure they are not obtrusive keep them in the same position, but make sure they are not annoyingly huge.
  • Keep it pro – do not bombard your pin with images, as it is confusing. On Pinterest, less is more.


Pinterest is a great source of traffic, but only if done right. It will not work if you do not pin posts regularly, so you have to keep a schedule in pinning. If you are too busy, you can hire a virtual assistant to do this for you, or subscribe to an application where you do the scheduling.

If you use an app like Tailwind, you still need to create the images, and you can upload these pins on the app. After your program the tool, it will pin and re-pin your posts according to what you have scheduled.


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