17 Tips to Increase Website Traffic

17 Tips to Increase Website Traffic

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While it is easy to build a website, getting traffic is not a walk in the park. Despite your efforts creating good content, the internet is just too saturated with websites.

As a result, yours is likely to get to the bottom of the pile. You are not getting traffic. Getting traffic to your website requires a conscious effort. And needless to say, it requires a lot of work.

But what if I tell you that there are many other ways to get traffic rather than just waiting? Here, you will get 17 tips to get more traffic to your website.

Let’s get started!

IMPORTANT NOTE: The activities to get traffic to your website must be a combination of paid and organic results.

Today, organic traffic provides little result because there are so many posts. As such, I have prepared both paid and organic for you.

1. Promote on Social Media

There is no doubt about it: social media is the way.

There is no easier way to get traffic than by sharing your posts on social media platforms. And while you are at it, make sure that you optimize each social media channel appropriately.

Instagram is best used for showing photos, especially for dropshipping products, Facebook for shout outs and regular posts, You Tube for videos, while Twitter is great for short messages.

Social media management is the key to getting more traffic to your site. You must publish content that adds value, or content that is enticing enough for your customers to click.

If you add value, there is also a higher likelihood that your post will be shared, and thus it will reach more people organically.

You also need to publish regularly. Admit it or not, not all of your posts will have magnificent content. Most of the time, people will just scroll down their feeds.

But one day, they might just take a look at your content and even share it. What’s important is that you increase credibility and familiarity with your brand if you post regularly.

2. Take Advantage of Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is an activity where a writer posts his written work on someone else’s blog. This written article has backlinks to the writer’s own website.

You can do this in two ways. The first is with you writing an article and posting it on someone else’s blog, with his permission, of course.

You can put backlinks in this article leading to your website. How you benefit from this is fairly easy. Since your blog post has a backlink to your site, you are directly leading the readers to your business.

The other way to do this is by inviting a popular writer or blogger to create something and post on your blog. Essentially, you are using his influence to drive people to your business. His written material will have a backlink to his site.

The way this works for you is that this writer will share his post to his followers. When these followers click on that link, they will be redirected to your site because it is your website that hosts his article.

Since his readers are already on your site, it is likely that some of your content can capture their attention. Use this to increase your sales.

One caveat when guest posting: make sure the articles do not get published on both sites. Search engines will mark these contents as plagiarized or duplicates and will reduce your search engine ranking. 

3. Prepare to Advertise

This sounds counter-intuitive. You built a website to make money, not to drain it. But what you must understand is that advertising is the primary way to get your products some eyeballs.

Although working out SEO techniques and incorporating them in your website works, this approach takes a long time and a lot of work.

If your intent is to get traffic quickly, this is the way to go. You can also select from different advertising goals. You can increase your traffic or you can improve conversion. Choose one that best suits your business need.

You must also choose the right platform. You can either advertise through Facebook, Google, Instagram, or other channels. All of these will depend on the demographics of your target market.

4. Use Internal Linking

Many people focus on external linking to get traffic. Or better yet, back linking. As a result, they undermine the power of linking through their own content.

Whenever you publish a post, you need to watch out for potential keywords that you can link to one of your own contents. What this does is make your website cohesive.

And when your website is structured this way, visitors are more likely to come back, or bookmark web pages that they found though one of your posts.

Readers do not typically search a blog. They do not use the search field to look for content in your website, unless if you are operating an e-commerce site and the customer is looking for a product.

This means that you need to lead the reader to other blog posts that he may find meaningful. If not blog posts, lead the reader to a product page where you can offer that pitch. 

5. Create a Responsive Website

Typically, a person will only spend five seconds to wait for a website to load. Anything longer than this will result to abandonment. To prevent this, make sure that you subscribe to a reputable provider of web hosting services.

This does not cost a lot. It is better to spend a few dozen dollars per month than lose all the potential traffic because of a website that takes an eternity to load.

In addition to this, you need to understand that people no longer view the internet over a desktop PC. Or very few people do. A huge number of people browse via mobile.

This means that you need a website that is compatible with a range of devices—from PCs to tablets to cell phones. Think about this: people find it easier to surf the internet on their phones because phones do not require a desk.

6. Be Active in Forums

One way to boost traffic to your website is through providing value in forums. Look for forums where people need help. Provide a valuable answer and insert a link to your website.

Do not spam people.

Do not just provide answers to any question that you know about. You must only comment in forums relevant to what you are selling.

So, if your website is about guns, it makes sense that you visit forums about bullets and guns, not forums where people are talking about fashion or stocks.

7. Use Videos in Your Content

Videos are the thing of the current generation. There was a time when words were enough to attract attention. Then this was followed by photos.

Today, you can easily catch a person’s attention through video. This is because videos require less effort. The audience does not have to read or scroll. The video does it all for him.

The best videos are tutorials, how-to videos. These two types add value to people. As they learn more from you, you are building your credibility, and people will follow your blog.

the other way to do this is to post your videos on You Tube, but ask your subscribers to also follow your blog.

Here are two products that I recommend based on what you need.


Camtasia is best used by people who want to do a screencast recording. It is a tool that allows you to record videos of yourself, your screen, and your voice at the same time. It also comes with a video editor so you can cut and improve the quality of your final video.

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Camtasia is one of the most widely used video software tools by professionals in the world.


This is a an animation software. You can use it to create 3D animation, and it is useful if you are creating videos that have nothing to do with tutorial’s or how-to articles.

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Viddyoze is great for animations. Use it if you are not posting tutorial videos or if you do not want to show your face on camera.

8. Use Great Headlines

This simply means you have to use irresistible headlines. Do not use click bait headlines as this reduces consumer confidence.

Write five or more headlines before deciding on one. Huge online publications like BuzzFeed typically brainstorm up to 20 headlines before selecting one that is the most likely to bring traffic.

Headlines are the very first thing a consumer sees. And if it is not interesting enough, your consumer is just likely to scroll down and ignore your post.

To be able to create great headlines, it make sense to read about copywriting techniques, or take a course from master copywriters. Your investment is going to pay off.

9. Post Regularly on LinkedIn

Today, LinkedIn is more than just a portal to find jobs. There was a time when this was solely the hub of job hunters and recruiters but this has changed now.

It has become the social media channel for professionals. If you are offering professional services, this is the best place to promote your content that links back to your website.

LinkedIn also offers advertising services. If you are a human resources company, then perhaps LinkedIn should be your primary social media of choice.

10. Answer Questions on Quora

Quora is the social media site where people ask questions and people from around the world provide an answer. It covers all possible topics that you can think of.

Build your reputation in the Quora community as an expert in a specific field. This will help create credibility.

When you answer questions, position the answers in such a way that the reader will be looking for more. And then lead them to your website by providing a link within your answer.

Again, do not spam people. You should only post links that are relevant to the question. This link should be about an article that helps answer a question, but never a product link. If you violate this policy, you can get banned.

11. Use Email Marketing

Your blog must have an opt-in page where customers can subscribe. Since very few customers actually want to provide their email address to somebody, what you can do is to offer something of value in exchange of the email address.

What many bloggers do is offer a free eBook that is relevant to their niche. If your blog is about gardening, then perhaps you can offer a free eBook about top ten gardening tips or something similar.

It is difficult to write a book. Your options are to either hire a copywriter, or buy an eBook software like Sqribble. Sqribble allows you to create as many eBooks as you want without writing. Heck, you can even sell as many eBooks online as a passive income source.

If you do not like eBooks, then the other way to go is to get the email address of your followers, and send drip email campaign materials. This has to be automated, and you need an email subscription tool to get people’s email address.

One such tool is GetResponse. It allows you to create an email capture form, and you can send regular, automated emails to your subscribers. As they get your emails, they will click on the links you included and come back to your blog.

12. Offer a FREE Online Course

This will bring direct traffic to your site because people will always love to learn something for free. You can either set-up a free webinar or launch a series of video courses that customers can view at any given time.

One approach the many people do is to break down several courses per week or per month and launch them as a series. If the course is effective and if people find value to it, they will come back to your website as soon as you release the second course.

With this approach, you can have a guaranteed traffic on a monthly basis. But of course, you cannot build a course unless you take one yourself.

13. Create Infographics

Not a lot of people are interested to read long and winding articles. In fact, most people prefer to learn through a combination of drawings and words.

An infographic is a modern way of combining words with visually stimulating drawing, icons, or symbols. A good infographic lets other websites link to you as they use your infographic as a resource.

14. Post Content on Reddit

Reddit is a site where people discuss and share common interests. Because Reddit is so big, you can drill down to very specific niches and target people who may have interest in what you have to sell or share.

Sharing good content, with a link to your website, will increase traffic for as long as you prove that you are not a spammer. Reddit bans users who do not add value to the community.

15. Use Influencer Marketing

There are many popular people on Facebook, Instagram, and other social medial channels. These people have tens of thousands of followers. They are called influencers. You must coordinate with these influencers to help drive traffic to your website.

One common thing to do is to send an item to a popular Instagram Influencer and ask her to post a picture of it with a shout out to you. So if you are selling clothing, you can ask the influencer if she would be interested to endorse your product for you.

Note that she will not be paying or the clothing as you are the sponsor. Some influencers will also charge a specific amount on top of the free item they got.

16. Set Up an Affiliate Program

If you want more traffic to your website, then it is imperative that you pay other people to market your product.

This is also one of the best ways to make money if your website is a sales site. All you need to do is to provide commissions to your affiliates every time a successful sale is made.

And since you do not pay them by the effort but by results, you can easily bake in the commission percentage to your selling price.

17. Re-Launch Old Content

This does not mean rehashing everything. From time to time, you must revisit old content and update them. For example, an old post may have screenshots about how to use Facebook. Today, Facebook’s interface may have already changed so you need to get a new screenshot and replace the old one.

Re-launching old content also helps you get new audiences for the same thing that you have already published before. Do not forget to share the revised or updated content on social media or websites and forums related to the content of the post.


There are other ways to get traffic, but these 17 tips to get traffic should be more than enough to get you started and increase your traffic by more than 100%.

Always remember, your website traffic is only as good as your effort and the value you provide.


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