Spocket Review: An In-Depth Look at the Spocket Dropshipping Supplier Tool

Spocket Review: An In-Depth Look at the Spocket Dropshipping Supplier Tool

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Today, we will have an in-depth look at one of the most used dropshipping tools in the world, Spocket.

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In this Spocket review, you will learn all you need to know about the company. We will be talking about:

  • What is Spocket?
  • How Does Spocket Work?
  • Who Should Use Spocket?
  • Features of Spocket
  • How Do I use Spocket?
  • Spocket Cancellation of Service
  • Can I be a Spocket Supplier?
  • Is Spocket Good for Dropshipping?
  • Pros of Spocket
  • Cons of Spocket
  • Spocket Pricing

Let us get started!

What’s Spocket?

Spocket is a dropship supplier directory. It is a company that has a list of thousands of manufacturers and suppliers.

As a dropshipper, the success of your business relies on the performance of your supplier and the quality of products that come from them. You can only succeed if you choose the right partner. Many dropshippers today choose suppliers from China, and this is the very reason they do not get repeat customers.

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China suppliers take up to six weeks to deliver to the US and the UK, and sometimes longer. Add to that the fact that many products from China are poor rip-offs. By the time the product arrives, the customer is already unhappy for waiting too long, and then when the customer opens the package, he realizes that he paid for a low-quality product.     

You cannot let this happen, and the people from Spocket know this.

How Does the Spocket App Work?

Spocket is an app that you need to integrate to your online store. There is a Spocket app for WordPress, WooCommerce, and Shopify dropshipping . Before all of that, though, you have to sign-up for an account.

Once the integration is complete, you have to log in to the Spocket dashboard and start looking for products. The products you choose will automatically be uploaded in your online store.

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The Spocket dropshipping tool has manufacturers and suppliers from around the world, but mostly from the United States, New Zealand, the UK, Australia, and part of the European Union. You can choose products from these specific countries, or all of them.

If you want to sell to US customers, then, by all means, you have to choose US suppliers. US suppliers know the quality that US customers desire. If you do this via Spocket, the shipping will take no more than a week, as opposed to fulfilling an order from a China supplier, where the shipment can take up to 60 days.

Also, you can order the product yourself. If you are from the US, then order a product from a US supplier if you really want to check the product’s quality. Spocket can do wonders for you, considering that you can choose products from specific counties of origin.

It has a ton of resources that will improve your marketing and dropshipping skills. And if done right, you may just be the next man to earn more than $178,000 in just three months by using the tool.

Who Should Use Spocket?

The Spocket app for Shopify is ideal for people who are serious in growing their dropshipping business. I will be honest with you: this is not for people who want to build a business empire for free. The reality is that most free stuff can only provide so much, but not the real deal.

Spocket is for people who are ready to invest. Free things usually come at a cost—the cost of quality. With Spocket, you will pay as little as $9 per month, but that should be enough for starters who are not yet making tens of thousands of dollars in sales per month.  

Spocket is ideal for: 

  • Dropship beginners looking for high-quality products; also for a beginner who wants to make sure they start their business with the right foundation
  • Advanced businesses looking to expand their product categories and sales coverage. These are dropshippers who are looking for suppliers they can trust in the US, UK, Australia, and the other countries mentioned earlier. 

Spocket is not for people who: 

  • Want free services
  • Are OK with selling low-quality dropshipping products

Spocket is for serious entrepreneurs, not for those who believe that they can put up a successful dropshipping business without investing in the most important tool of all: a supplier directory like Spocket. 

What are the Features of Spocket?

There are many features that will benefit a Spocket user. Here, we will take a look at the most important ones that will have a direct impact on your Spocket dropshipping business.

Multiple Suppliers 

The Spocket EU & US dropshipping started its business with only two countries. Now, it has global suppliers.

These suppliers are physically located in:

  • Germany
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Canada
  • United States
  • United Kingdom

How will you benefit from this? If your target market is the UK, choose a supplier from the UK, and let that supplier ship to your UK customers. This is not to say that the suppliers only ship to their own countries, it’s just that you have the option to ship locally if you want. 

You can do this from your dashboard, as shown in the screenshot below.

01 1

As you can see, there is a drop-down that allows you to choose where the supplier is located, and also select what countries that supplier ships to. Use this dropdown if you are targeting specific countries. You can also look for a supplier in the US, but ships to Albania.  

Many Product Categories

No one can deny that the product categories in AliExpress are massive. But again, it is not a surprise to find poor quality products. With the Spocket tool, each vendor or supplier is vetted, and you have a guarantee that this supplier only produces top-quality Spocket products. 

You can choose from various niches in Spocket. Examples are: 

  • Automotive
  • Bags
  • Wallet
  • Footwear
  • Gift items
  • Pets
  • Toys
  • Sports
  • Technology

As shown below, you can select a category, and the system will show you its recommendations. You can also type a keyword to make your search more detailed and on point.  

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Dashboard Management

The dashboard is the first thing you see after you log in. It has the link where you can fulfil orders. The dashboard also allows you to edit the product details if you want to.

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In a snapshot, here is how it works:

  • You choose a product; you put it in your import list
  • You edit that product and import it to your store
  • If a customer orders from your store, your Spocket dashboard will show you a notification in the My Orders tab
  • Click on that tab, and then fulfil the order
  • Fill in the details, like customer name and shipping address, if needed
  • The supplier will be notified
  • The supplier will ship the item to your customer’s house

To facilitate a sale, click on My Orders, and then fulfil the order. You have to pay for the order, as your customer already paid for it. If a customer orders from your store, that money does not go to Spocket. It goes to you. 

Use that money to pay for the Spocket product, and then the difference is yours as a profit. Here is an example of an order. 

04 1

In the screenshot above, you have an order for a customer dress. You have to click on Checkout, and then you will see the page below. 

05 1

On this page, just click Place Order, and then pay for the item. After that, your supplier will get notified, and he will ship the item to your customer. 

Import Tool

Before you can import a product, you have to search for products. Below is a walk-through on how to do it.

Step 1: Click on Search Products on the left pane of your dashboard. In this case, we will type “dress”, then hit the search button after choosing the US as the supplier location.

step 1 1

Step 2: Search the tool for a dress that picks your interest. As you can see, there is a price and a retail price. The retail price is the suggested price you can sell it for. The price is what you have to pay to the supplier.

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Click on a product you want. For this example, we will pick the dress with the word “Sweet” printed on it. And once you do, you will be taken to this page:

step 2b 1

On this page, you can review the product. You can see where it comes from, where it ships to, the length of time it takes to deliver the item, and the prices. If you like this product, click on ADD TO IMPORT LIST. Then click on the X button to close that window.

Step 3: Click on the Import List link on your dashboard.

step 3 1

It should open a page like this:

step 3b 1

Now, you can edit the product name, add tags, assign it to a collection, and change the price. You can manually change the price or set global pricing rules, which we will discuss later.

The last step is to click on Push to Store, and this product will be available for your customers to see and buy.

Support Section

It does not take an expert to operate Spocket. What you need to do is to browse through the Help Center, found at the bottom left of your dashboard. 

In the Help Center, you can find many tutorials and videos such as: 

  • What is Spocket?
  • Discover products
  • Product customization
  • Order processing

There is also a forum on this site that you can join. Just click on Join the Community, and you can participate in these forums, and get help from mother Spocket users like you. 

Pricing Rules and Control

It is difficult to manually adjust prices, especially if you have already uploaded hundreds of them. As you can see, a supplier may change its price. If you have to adjust your price manually, this is going to be a nightmare. 

Thankfully, Spocket has a Global Pricing Rules system. With this, you can program the tool to automatically adjust the prices of your products based on the sale price of your supplier, and based on your own rule. 

To access it, you have to go to your Settings, and then click on Global Pricing Rules.

06 1

The first thing you need to do is to decide whether you want to mark-up based on:

  • Percent – if you put 100% on the Markup Box, and the supplier is selling an item for $25, your markup is $25 (100% of $25 is $25), and your customer will pay $50. 
  • Multiplier – if you put 5 in the Markup Box (highlighted in blue), and the supplier is selling an item for $25, your selling price is $25 X 5 = $125, and your profit is $100.
  • Fixed – if you put 10 in the Markup Box (highlighted in blue), and the supplier is selling an item for $25, your selling price is $35 because you chose to add $10 on top of the supplier’s price. Your profit is $10. 

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Once you are done with all these, do not forget to click on Save Settings on the top right section of your dashboard. 

How Do I Use Spocket?

To use Spocket, the first thing you have to do is to sign-up for an account. Chose from the different plan options, and complete your registration.

Once you have completed the registration, you have to integrate your store. To do this, follow the simple steps below:

Click on My Shop at the bottom right of the dashboard panel.

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Choose the platform that hosts your shop. For now, only WooCommerce and Shopify support Spocket. WooCommerce is a plug-in for WordPress, so you can use Spocket on WordPress.

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The last step is to enter the details of your store, and then click Connect Store.

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Once the integration is complete, you can now search for products and start selling them. Do not forget to change the Global Pricing Rules first.

Spocket Cancellation of Service

If you want to cancel the service, all you have to do is to go to Settings > Account > Change/Cancel Subscription > then click Save changes.

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If you cancel your account, all the products in your store will be gone.

Can I Be a Spocket Supplier?

Yes, you can be a Spocket Supplier if you want. To apply, go to the home page and then click on FOR SUPPLIERS.

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From there, click on Become Spocket Supplier, and then fill out the details required of you. You will be notified about the status of your application soon.

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Is Spocket Good for Dropshipping?

Yes, Spocket is a great tool for dropshipping, and it rivals other companies such as SaleHoo and Dropified. I wrote a review of SaleHoo that you could also check out.

One success story you can draw inspiration from is the story of this man who made $178,492 in just three months with Spocket.

Pros of Spocket

  • Lots of features
  • Easy to use
  • Thousands of high-quality suppliers
  • Has a free trial
  • Easy integration with WordPress, WooCommerce, and Shopify
  • Lots of product categories
  • Save money on annual plans

Cons of Spocket

  • No free account / only a FREE TRIAL version

Spocket Pricing

Below is a screenshot of the Spocket Pricing. As you can see, you can start a store for as little as $9 a month. You can save more money if you pay for the annual plan.

pricing 1

However, in the annual plan, there is no Starter account. It starts with the PRO. But instead of paying $49 per month, you will only pay $29 per month.


In my opinion, Spocket is one of the most powerful toolS out there for dropshippers. The main thing that sets it apart from its competitors is that you can choose where the supplier is located.

Spocket is a must-have for serious entrepreneurs who want to get started with an e-commerce store. At $9 per month, you can cancel anytime. What I recommend, if you are not new to the dropshipping business, is to get an annual plan, as it will significantly save you money.


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