GoDaddy Review – Should You Use GoDaddy for eCommerce, Domain, and Hosting?

GoDaddy Review – Should You Use GoDaddy for eCommerce, Domain, and Hosting?

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I have been using Godaddy since 2015. Read my GoDaddy Review and I’ll show you why I love this company!

No internet marketer or website operator has not heard of GoDaddy. It is one of the biggest domain name registrars in the world, and a major competitor of Bluehost.

It is a publicly-traded company that has grown over the years, and now it also offers other services such as marketing and web-building tools.

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About GoDaddy

Located in the United States, GoDaddy supports more than 18 million customers. With more than 9,000 employees, one can surely say that the company is one of the most dominant forces in the web hosting and domain name niche on the internet.

The company was founded in 1997 by Bob Parsons. The original name was Jomax Technologies. After two years, the company management decided to change the name. The first pick was big Daddy, but this name was already taken by another company.

They decided to use GoDaddy, and thus it was renamed.

At first, the company wanted to provide affordable domains, and help small-sized entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into reality. It kept its commitment, and has grown today to be the largest domain registrar in the world.

The company is a familiar name, even to people who do not do online businesses. The reason behind this is the company’s extensive marketing campaigns. It is not unusual for GoDaddy to publish marketing materials in the Super Bowl or NASCAR.

Over the years, GoDaddy expanded its services. And along with expansion, the GoDaddy team also bought out other companies, the products of which were added to its portfolio.

In this review, we will be taking a sharp look at the features of GoDaddy, its pros and cons, and we shall also provide you with several information that will help you make an informed decision whether this platform is the one that fits your needs.

How to Buy a GoDaddy Domain,

The Features of GoDaddy at a Glance

The company offers a myriad of features and services. While its main offering is domain registration, it has expanded to other valuable services such as VPS hosting, web building, and even e-commerce, complete with payment systems.

From a general perspective, here are the services that GoDaddy offers:

  • Build an online store, a blog, or a website
  • Domain name registration and maintenance
  • We hosting
  • Search engine optimization tools
  • Social media marketing, specifically Instagram and Facebook
  • Hosting for WordPress
  • Dedicated servers or shared severs
  • Resell hosting services

There are four main areas that we want to highlight in this review, and these are:

  • Domain and Hosting
  • Simple Installation of Web Applications
  • Security and Customer Support
  • Advanced Options for Advanced Users

Digging Deep into the Features

Domain and Hosting

GoDaddy has a fast load time. It manages more than 18 million domains, and it is capable of supporting these websites to load within an average of 517 milliseconds with an up-time of 99.97%.

While the company is primarily known for domain names, it does deliver hosting services at affordable prices, which we will tackle later on. There were some cases where the uptime was fluctuating between 99.85% and 99.94%, yet the people behind the company managed to improve this to reach 99.99% and even up to 100%, thus bringing its average performance to 99.97% uptime.

GoDaddy is seriously way above the industry average. Industry-wide, it is typical for other domain hosting services to have a downtime of 13 minutes. GoDaddy has a lesser amount of downtime compared to this.

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Here are the other cool features and benefits from the domain and hosting aspect of GoDaddy’s services:

  • Fast page loading speed averaging 517 milliseconds
  • Availability of support 24/7/365
  • Compatibility with WordPress and other web-building services

Apart from getting the main web hosting service, GoDaddy also offers other hosting services like business hosting and reseller hosting.

Business hosting refers to having a server dedicated for your business. What this means is that you do not have to share servers for your website and data files. This service is targeted towards large companies that want better up times and better data security.

Why is business hosting important? It is important if you want to get better uptime and faster load performances.

Here are some benefits of the service:

  • Have the power of a server for your website
  • Your website will not crash due to a sudden increase in website traffic
  • You will be able to use a virtual private server
  • Have access to your own control panel
  • Easy to use and control; you do not need a technical background to run it

With a hosting server, you can rest assured that your web pages will load in less than three seconds. Statistics show that site visitors will leave if the website loads slower than three seconds.

Reseller hosting, on the other hand, is a service in which your business is to host websites. But instead of you creating your own system and buying your own servers, GoDaddy will take care of it. What you have to be busy about now is marketing and taking care of your customers.

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There are four different plans in the Reseller service, and they have different prices points ranging between $40 and $100 per month.

Here are the benefits of the services:

  • Choose between 2 CPUs and 4 CPUs
  • Have between 4GB RAM and 16GB RAM
  • Choose from 90GB storage up to 240GB storage

A CPU is the actual engine or processing unit that runs your hosting service. The RAM refers to the speed that these CPUs work. The higher the RAM, the faster it can process data. It also means that the higher the RAM, the faster the pages will load for your customers. The storage refers to the number of files that can be stored, such as music files, videos, photos, texts, and others.

As a reseller, you will also get the following features:

  • Free integrated WHMCS license
  • Free cPanel/WHM
  • Create up to 250 accounts; these are white-labeled, so you can transfer access to your customers
  • Your customers can create unlimited websites and databases
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Free SSL certificate for as long as the plan is active
  • You can resell GoDaddy domains to your customers

Remember that as a reseller, you are essentially selling the same services as GoDaddy does, but you are using your own brand name and company.

Simple Installation of Web Applications

After buying a domain name from GoDaddy, you can easily connect that domain name with an already existing website that is hosted on another platform or use GoDaddy itself to build your website. These things can be done by clicking buttons.

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GoDaddy has more than 125 applications that you can install with just one click. These are applications built to have specific functions, so you do not need to learn how to code.

These apps include, but are not limited to:

  • Reports
  • Blogs
  • Marketing tools
  • Search engine optimization
  • Email subscription

You can even sync your GoDaddy website with social media like Facebook and Instagram.

On top of that, you do not need to learn how to code if you want to connect or integrate your GoDaddy domain to your own website. It only takes a few clicks of a button to integrate your GoDaddy domain name with Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, and others.

If you are a coder, you would be happy to know that the system supports cPanel, CloudLinux, Python, and MySQL. What this entails is that its services are best for both people who are new to the website-building industry and experts alike.

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If you are looking forward to building an e-commerce website, you can also do it with GoDaddy. With an e-commerce website, you will be able to sell items and make money online.

Here are the features of the e-commerce service: 

  • Abandoned Cart Recovery
  • Accept Credit Cards
  • Make Tax and Shipping Rates
  • Offer Discounts
  • Digital Downloads
  • Product Reviews
  • In-Person Pick Up

As you can see, GoDaddy makes it simple for any type of user to build a website, connect a website to the domain, or create a fully-functional e-commerce store.

Security and Customer Support

Hacking is one of the most dreaded things that a web operator has. As such, GoDaddy knows that security is of the utmost importance to its clients.

The company implements a 24/7 security program to prevent malicious people from hacking your website. It has a dedicated team that monitors attacks, not just on its websites but on all of its servers.

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GoDaddy has several security systems in place, the most common of which is called SSL or Secure Socket Layer. It is an encryption technology where all information are encrypted, and only the servers of GoDaddy can decrypt the coded information. SSL is what we can call an industry-standard. All secure websites use this security system.

Apart from common SSL, advanced users can also enjoy the following security features:

  • EV SSL
  • OV SSL
  • DV SSL
  • Wildcard SSL

GoDaddy also offers a Code Signing Certificate, a type of service where you secure your own code. In here, you will be able to digitally sign software objects, macros, device drivers, and more.

Advanced Options for Advanced Users

Beginners simply want a domain name and a functional website, both of which GoDaddy can provide. However, there are also advanced users who want more. Below are some examples of the advanced services that one can get:

  • WordPress integration and hosting
  • Domain auctions
  • Domain investing
  • Domain Transfer
  • Domain Value Appraisal
  • Email and Office

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For other businesses, one of the top-notch services that you can get is the VPS hosting services with the following features:

  • High-performance SSDs
  • Expert provisioning
  • Managed services like patching and updating the operating systems
  • Regional data centers for faster page loads

As far as the email is concerned, you can create email addresses that use your domain name. Instead of using free email services like Yahoo! Or GMAIL, you will be able to create your own. This is great for credibility and marketing.

If your company name is ABC Company, you can create email addresses like or The limit to the number of emails you can create depends on the package that you will buy.

The company also offers what is called The GoDaddy Pro. This is a service that allows you to manage multiple websites on one platform easily.

For example, you may be operating five websites, and you need to create an update that applies to all. With this program, you can update the content of all these five websites from one control panel.

This is best used by advanced web builders, especially those who operate multiple sites.

With this feature, you can enjoy the following benefits and features:

  • Apply them or plug-in all at the same time on different websites
  • Get executive report summary on your websites’ performances
  • Free backups in the cloud of your website data
  • Cloning and migration services
  • Uptime monitoring

All of these features are only available to websites made in the WordPress platform.

If you are operating a website built from another platform, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Performance monitoring
  • Branded reporting
  • Automated security check

Note that these services are not free. However, they are affordable as they are all priced for less than $2 per month.

Pros & Cons of GoDaddy

No company is perfect. While GoDaddy remains strong as one of the biggest domain name registrars and hosting provider, it does have its shortcomings. Let us take a look at the pros and cons of using its services.


  • Free domain name if you buy high-tier packages
  • Multiple hosting plans that cover different operating systems such as Window or Linux
  • Flexible to the needs of different people; there are options for beginners, and there are options for advanced users
  • Has great security features; you can also get free SSL certificates, along with a 24/7 dedicated security service
  • Guaranteed 99.9% uptime
  • Supports multiple platforms like Joomla, Drupal, and WordPress
  • Has 24/7 phone support internationally
  • Dedicated IP addresses
  • Easy to back up your data with just one click


  • Some of the plans lock you up to three years before you can take advantage of the discounted prices
  • Limited chat support; you need to place a phone call to get help
  • Does not support a lot of e-commerce functionalities

Despite the cons, one should understand that GoDaddy is not primarily an e-commerce website builder. It specializes in hosting and domain names. While you can build a website with GoDaddy, it cannot provide the full function of an e-commerce platform and its benefits.

The alternative to this is to buy a domain name from GoDaddy, and then have your website built from a different platform. In this case, GoDaddy will simply function as your domain name registrar, but not your web host.

Who should use GoDaddy?

GoDaddy offers a lot of features and services, but certainly, there is a right market that it caters to. Take a look below and see if you belong to the ideal users of the platform.

  • Online business persons– these are individuals who want to put up an online business where they can post their products, blogs, and then also charge consumers online to process the payments.
  • New website owners – if you are looking for a company that will make it easy for you to launch a website, GoDaddy has the tools to get you started. It is free, and you do not need to know how to code to learn how to build a website.
  • WordPress builders – these are individuals who want to use WordPress as their CMS tool or web development tool, and yet they want a faster hosting service, or they want to register their domain on another platform.
  • Local businesses – local businesses that want to boost their presence in their own areas can use GoDaddy’s SEO tools. If used right, the business will be shown on the top of search rankings, and this can increase foot traffic to the brick-and-mortar store.

Customer Support

As far as building websites are concerned, you will definitely need customer support to help you with the integrations, and other actions rewired to make your website up and running.

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GoDaddy has a ton of written resources that you can find on the website. If you are the kind of person who likes to tinker and experiment, just click on the HELP button and you will find an array of articles that can help you solve technical issues.

GoDaddy offers customer support 24/7, all year round. You can ask for support over the phone, through chat, and through email. The people who will service you are specialized agents who will answer your inquiry.

Not only can you get clarity on your billing statement, but you can also ask the technicians to help you with technical concerns, such as merging your hosting service with WordPress, or how to add your newly-purchased domain name to your new website.

Packages and Pricing

This can be a tad difficult, as domain names have different values. You can buy a domain name for as little as $3, and you can spend more than $3,000 for a premium one.

Unlike other domain name registrars and hosting services, GoDaddy covers a lot of areas. The best thing to do is to look for the prices of the service you want from GoDaddy’s site.

Ease of Use

GoDaddy is known for its ease of use. With it comes the responsibility of the user to explore. The system does not require a user to understand computer coding. It works with a drag and drop feature. You can easily get started building a website by clicking the GET STARTED button.

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The next steps are self-explanatory, and you only need to follow the prompts. At first, you just need to type what industry you belong to, and then decide about the name of your website.

From there, you just need to click on the different buttons to explore how to change your website content and design.

With GoDaddy’s web builder, you can edit pages, add them, create sections, choose themes, change the fonts, and even choose your own color scheme.


As far as performance is concerned, the service has an uptime of 99.97% over a span of several months. Speed is the key element that makes the hosting provider successful, and the uptime is not so bad. Remember, it is impossible to expect your website to be up 100% of the time.

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GoDaddy is in the acceptable range of performance. While not the best, it certainly will not result to search engines punishing your site for being too slow or unavailable.

With that being said, one should be happy at how the service is performing. For companies that need a better up time, then it may be wise to consider a virtual server, which GoDaddy can also provide at a lower rate. This guarantees that the hosting services are not shared, and that the website will perform at its fullest capacity.


So, is GoDaddy a great web host? The conclusion is that yes, it serves its function, and it does its job well. But it is much easier to build a WordPress website from Bluehost.

A key thing to remember is that GoDaddy is not a website builder. While it can provide you with that service, it would be wise to take a look at other web-builder services.

Since WordPress is one of the best web-builders in the world, you may consider building your website from there. There are many app developers that consistently add new plug-ins to the system, and you can simply integrate your GoDaddy domain name with your WordPress account.

GoDaddy is best used for domain names, domain flipping or buy and sell, and hosting reselling services, but not for website building.


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